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Small World: Underground ~ Giveaway for July!

1 July 2011 5 Comments

Go ahead and fire up the grill and start making those Brats and Burgers! Here in the United States we are getting ready for one of our most patriotic holidays. But deep beneath us seething at the earth’s core is another battle brewing. Are you ready to take up arms in the Underworld and fight for the cause! 2D6 & Myriad Games are proud to announce Small World Underground from Days of Wonder as the July Giveaway! Follow the links below to our sponsors and afterwards sign up on the forum post that is connected to this article. We look forward to hearing what is something in your life your willing to fight for this independence season. Even though we like talking a mean war game here at 2D6 we really do so for peace and acceptance!  While you’re feeling the love please stop at one of the sponsors below and let them know you want to support them for they are supporting us with this wonderful give away here at 2D6.

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  • lcoffee said:

    I would also fight for my family.

    To a lesser scale, I try to fight injustices I might observe in my small little world.

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  • Willi B said:

    I would fight for a title belt if I trained for it.

    Seriously, though, I would fight for the rights of all people, be they large or small.

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  • Kwenzel (author) said:

    This isn’t the giveaway forum follow the link below the article to join the contest!

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  • jpf1982 said:

    I fight for my games!

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  • tomg said:

    I’d fight for baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and lemonade.

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