Conquest of Nerath The Mystery Game Give Away

In the far distance you can hear a faint drum beat. Bum, Bum it is getting ever so slightly louder. You wait cold and wet in the night, and you stand with a long line of men leaning against the dark earth in a trench along an edge of the  ancient forest. Your breath shows in the wisps of moonlight. The Orcish army is coming and you lie in wait for the battle that is about to take place. The drum beats again and it is considerably louder, and coming closer. The war drums are clearly pounding and bloodshed of your fellow man is eminent.  The wait is over and and Myriad Games is bringing you “Conquest of Nerath” as the next Game giveaway. You may enter everyday of the beginning of the conquest till September 30 at 11:pm.  All you have to do is post a comments in the forums about how you think you can make 2D6 better. Also, it is really important that you go look at Game and Myriad game’s websites and let them know in advance that you are supporting them because they are supporting board game websites, and in-particular’s Game giveaway. Keep an eye open for other fun Wizard if the Coast games are offering this fall with the Never Winter theme coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Conquest of Nerath The Mystery Game Give Away”

  1. jsilvrs said:I will go with number 9.

    Lucky Number 229 is the winner in the newest contest. This person has two days to claim their prize or it will be given to someone else.

    JSilvrs is the current winner of the 2D6 giveaway of Conquest of Nerath.

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