Massena at Loano ( A Video Review)

The Battle of Loano occurred on 23-24 November 1795 during the War of the First Coalition. The French Army of Italy defeated the combined Austrian and Sardinian forces.

Loano battlefield presented some features which the wargaming world did never explore or did partially: mountain warfare in the age of French Revolutionary Wars. The battle allowed the French to maintain a bridgehead in Italy with more chances of supply than the naval option, very dangerous due to cruising British ships and saw the birth of the republican military star, general André Masséna.

~ Acies

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  1. Great review! I thought the game was maybe using the Jours de Gloire system when I first saw it…which I like very much. But Marco talked me into this one too! Thanks again Marco for all you do!

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  2. thank you for the nice comments, Ted. You may be happy to learn that I am reading the rules for Jours de Gloire right now, and soon will play and review several games in the series!!

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