The 2D6.ORG December Giveaway!

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It is a small world after all. Did you know that people all around the world read and enjoy Our top three countries that view besides North Americans (Yes, Canadians I consider you North American) are: United Kingdom, France, and Germany. The countries that tie for the least number of people who actually view are Turkey and Hungary. Speaking of which, all of our contests are open to everyone who is a member of our site, and we have made arrangements to ship our game giveaways worldwide!

Well it is near the Holidays! We have almost been working for a whole year and we want to celebrate. Now it wouldn’t be a good Holiday if you got a present you didn’t want so we are giving away a $50.00 Gift Certificate from This means you can apply it to any game you want. Just in case you didn’t the game that you’re hoping for this Holiday Season!

Why wouldn’t you enter?



All you have to do is tell us what makes your country a great place to play games, or be a gamer. This is in the spirit of togetherness and peace so keep it positive! Post one response to the connecting forum per member. (All duplicate or negative entries will be disqualified.) You have till Christmas Eve December 24th to enter this contest because by Christmas morning Santa will have come and we will be drinking hot chocolate and picking the winner!

5 thoughts on “The 2D6.ORG December Giveaway!”

  1. Canada is a fantastic place to be a gamer, and especially Toronto. Why? Because it’s so friggin’ cold and dark up here! What better, on a cold dark December day, than to hunker down and play games in the living room with the Christmas tree in one corner and a fire blazing in the fireplace? Also, at least in Toronto, we have a wealth of gaming resources at our disposal: 401 Games, Hairy Tarantula, Snakes and Lattes…the list goes ever onwards.

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  2. It is great to be a gamer in America. Considering how many outlets for games there are available (both B&M and online) and the ease with which one can find the latest Hotness (both domestically and internationally produced) it is indeed great to get your game on regardless of which game you have in mind. Viva the world becoming just a bit easier to get around!

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  3. Lucky Number 3 is the winner!

    Warbringerd said:
    One of the good things about Canada is the brutally cold winter means lots of indoor gaming time. Who wants to be out in the -30 weather when you can cozy up to the fire, have a cup of tea and play a good solitare or group game with family or friends. Its so much harder to get in the games in the summer when you just want to be out having a good time.

    Warbringerd has a few days to confirm. We will be generous with this since it is the holidays!

    Merry Christmas and a happy holidays to everyone!


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