Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers Podcast Part one !

“What’s wrong with us?”



Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast, Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers!

In this inaugural episode, we get to know our hosts Marco Arnaudo, Lance Myxter, and Joel Eddy. They discuss a variety of games and topics. For the main portion of this episode we hear about their motivations for doing video reviews. aka: “What’s wrong with them??”

They also discuss a giant swathe of board games, new and old: Friday. Outpost, Ora et Labora, Drum Roll, Forgotten Heroes: Vietnam, 1812: The Invasion of Canada, Dragon Rampage, Pandemic, Phantom Leader, Viva Topo, Go Away Monster, Ascending Empires, Caveman Curling, Imperial Crusade Armada, Liberty Roads, The God Kings, Enemy Action: Ardennes, Coney Island, Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan, Letters from Whitechapel, 1989: Dawn of Freedom, Free At Last, Wiz-War, Rex: The Final Days of an Empire, Bios: Megafauna, High Frontier, The New Era, Troyes, Village, Seikagahara, Strike of the Eagle, and Band of Brothers

Wow! That’s a lot of games!

~ Joel Eddy


Opinions and statements stated by “Wooden Cubes and Iron Soldiers”  podcast are not to be considered as endorsed by 2D6.org. Visitors are urged to use their own discernment to draw their own conclusions.

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Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers Podcast Part one !, 4.3 out of 5 based on 23 ratings

10 thoughts on “Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers Podcast Part one !”

  1. This first show is great. You all seem to come from different backgrounds and it makes for a very interesting listen. Looking forward to more shows!

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  2. Hey guys, Brian Gomez here…Lance knows me.
    You guys have great chemistry and banter well. Have you considered doing a Q&A, town hall style podcast where you record your conversations live, but monitor either Twitter, Facebook or a chatroom like Geekchat on BGG, for live comments and questions from fans for a more interactive experience? I don’t think anyone else is doing such a thing, and if announced ahead of time, I’d love the opportunity to ask questions of you all regarding whatever topic you’re on, as you’re speaking about them. Whaddaya think?

    Anyways, great job guys!

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  3. Never thought of that. I’m not sure how to do it cheaply. Great idea though. I will we’ll look into it at least.

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  4. I love watching all of your videos individually. I will check out D6. I have not heard of that website. It is true that I still play lighter games than what you guys usually play, and my wife and I do enjoy those lighter games probably more than most people will. We do plan on continuing to enjoy those lighter games at about the same level in the future. Hopefully that works out because we have quite a few of the light to light medium board games.

    For example our favorite games are Morels, Takenoko, Pastiche, Finca, Heartland, Rapa Nui, Kingdom Builder, Arena Roma II, Odin’s Ravens, Yomi, and Kupferkessel Co. Our heavier games we have enjoyed so far are Neuroshima Hex, and Wiraqocha. Those are not terribly heavy but maybe they are a little bit in the way of progress.

    I’m hoping to use the files section, the how to play podcast and other video reviews, and our increasing expertise at figuring out rulebooks to successfully figure out how to play Reef Encounter next. I know that game is a pretty big step up, but that is my goal game to play next.

    I think my wife’s goal game is A Castle for All Seasons.

    I really enjoy Friday and play it a lot solo.

    It is strange for the content of this podcast to be so fascinating to me. Honestly sometimes I just enjoy the sound of different video reviewers voices and their manner of speaking, but this podcast falls into the dangerous territory of content that makes me want to hang on every word and analyze everything. The ideas and opinions are very interesting to me. It is true that I probably shouldn’t buy too many more games at as fast of a pace as I have in the past, but every now and then I could also buy new games. I have about 150 so far. We’ve played maybe 50 different games.

    I kickstarted Tooth and Nail, preordered Mice and Mystics, and preordered Kings of Air and Steam.

    I wish that I could crack Lord of the Rings LCG. That is a goal of mine. I cracked Yomi and we enjoy it. Games are very difficult for me to figure out. My wife is very open to board gaming and is perhaps slightly better at making sure we are playing the board games we play right. She also seems to be slightly better at figuring out how to play from the rule book but probably is not quite as driven to want to. Almost as driven though, and she is becoming more and more driven to want to learn how to play new games.

    You know, after I completely mentally digest the content of this podcast, I may use the sound of this podcast to go to sleep and relax. It just is what chills me out. Don’t take offense at that. It really is a fantastic tool for me that improves my life! Keep up the great work.

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  5. Thanks for the feedback Leonard.

    I definitely get what you are saying about glomming onto new game rules. It’s an acquired skill that gets easier with each new game learned as you acquire a vocabulary that is common to a lot of games.

    That being said, some games can feel like work. Don’t play those. Trade them :)

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