Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers: “It’s not me, it’s you!”

“It’s not me, it’s you!”


Welcome back for our second episode of Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers!

In this episode we discuss a ton of games, specifically those that we dislike. We decided to break it into three sub-categories:

Games we hate, but are pretty sure everyone does too.

Games we used to love, but now hate.

Games we hate that everyone else seems to like.

They also discuss a ton of games: Pathfinder, Battlestar Galactica, Werewolf, The Resistance, Sunrise City, Preta Porter, Lord of the Rings: Confrontation, Tsuro, Forgotten Heroes: Vietnam, C&C: Napoleonics, Hawaii, Last Will, Walnut Grove, Poo: The Card Game, Munchkin, Ogre, Bloodsuckers, Settlers of Catan, Lowenherz, Dominion, Modern Art, Agricola, Summoner Wars, Elemental Clash, Panzer Clash, Quarriors, Biblios, For Sale, No Thanks!, King of Tokyo, B-29, God Kings, Feudality, Dr. Shark, BSG Express

(Please note that these are not all games that we hate. You will have to listen to find out what is what).

~ Joel Eddy

Opinions and statements stated by “Wooden Cubes and Iron Soldiers”  podcast are not to be considered as endorsed by 2D6.org. Visitors are urged to use their own discernment to draw their own conclusions.

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Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers: "It's not me, it's you!", 4.2 out of 5 based on 15 ratings

8 thoughts on “Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers: “It’s not me, it’s you!””

  1. Wow, my three favorite reviewers together…it’s like the first time I discovered the Perfect Manhattan, three very different ingredients, bourbon, sweet vermouth, and dry vermouth (it also has a splash of Angostura bitters but I don’t want to imply…) Anyway, I am an old Minatures Wargamer that discovered board gaming at a local game store that opened in Wilmington,NC 2 years ago. My first game, as you can guess, was Dominion, then Race for the Galaxy. I then became addicted to BGG and found the video reviews by Tom and Scott, and later Jeremy, et al. I then discovered Lance, then Marco, and finally Joel. I won’t list all the others, but I have watched them all. However yours are the only ones I do not scan (even Lance’s epic videos). I must say that I have not purchased any games without one of your “stamps of approval.” I look to Marco for my Wargames, (White Str Rising, C&C Ancients, Sergeants Day of Days, Tank on Tank, etc) I buy just about everything Joel suggests (or it’s on my list) and I look to Lance for my Dungeon Crawl and Fantasy type games.

    I have enjoyed your first two podcasts and completely agree with comments regarding Dominion, Settler’s, Quarriors, King of Tokyo, RftG,etc. The only one I may have a small difference of opinion about is Summoner Wars. I was surprised that you felt it was thought of by many as a deeply strategic game. I view it as quite the opposite, that is as a quick filler that I do not take seriously at all. It’s just a fun “dice-killing” game that I would certainly not enjoy if I played with someone that looked at it as anything more.

    Looking forward to your next, and hopefully many more episodes of WC & IS. Bill Perks (theperkman)

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  2. Disagree on Dominion, though maybe I haven’t played enough to start disliking it. I have the base game + Prosperity and really like the fact that a strategy has to be chosen and a commitment made based on what turns up on a random draw. Because a playable subset can be made out of almost any combination of 10 piles of kingdom cards, the game is extremely adjustable to a player group of different experience levels.

    It’s also an awfully easy game to handicap when playing with the kids … just make the first two turns “experimental” and choose cards that don’t make much practical sense to get (Chancellor, Woodcutter, etc.), or even have your kids choose your first purchases for you, and then play to win thereafter. If there’s a wargame and eurogame that share this important feature, I’d like to know.

    Anyway, great podcast – please keep up with the critical content.

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  3. It’s funny. I’m sitting here at home petting the dog while listening to the podcast and as soon as you guys got to the despised game part, I turned to my wife and said, “Ten bucks says Munchkin gets mentioned!” I play Munchkin, but it’s only fun with fun people and the game almost becomes an afterthought and something we do while bs-ing about other stuff. The cardinal sin Munchkin makes, is being a beer and pretzel game that overstays its welcome by taking too damn long to finish a game. It’s just like Fluxx or Killer Bunnies. It starts out being fun and novel, and then you start throwing the game just so someone can win and put everyone out of their misery.

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  4. Marco, you need to find a copy of Borderlands, by Eon. It’s long out of print, but it feels like Diplomacy mashed up with Settlers of Catan and perhaps another game or two. It is stellar and provides exactly what I felt was missing from Settlers, namely some direct conflict, politics, diplomacy and negotiation.

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  5. Supposedly, Donald X. designed Dominion as a sort of deckbuilding LCG, having designed all of the expansions ahead of time. I agree that he should have stopped at the base game and Intrigue, but when the game was the slam-dunk hit it was, I don’t blame RGG for wanting to milk the game for all it’s worth, but I got burnt out quick. I also can’t stand the fact it spawned so many deck-building clones, most of which are poor facsimilies of the real deal, e.g., Thunderstone, Tanto Cuore, Penny Arcade: Gamers v. Evil.

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  6. Endtecker

    supposed to be a trilogy – discovery, settlement and warring for land
    so I believe

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