Gen Con Announces Industry Guest list

Gen Con Indy 2012: No Game Left Behind

Greetings Gen Con Indy Fans!

If you come to Gen Con Indy to meet the stars and unsung heroes of the Game Industry, we have a wide range of folks that will participate in selected events and panels as guests of honor. As a show attendee, you will have the opportunity to reach out to many of those who propel the game industry, whether it’s in authorship, game design, art, or countless other fields. We hope you take part!

2012 Industry Insiders Announced

Gen Con is pleased to announce the Industry Insider Guest of Honor list for Gen Con Indy 2012.

Tavis Allison Steve Kenson Mark Rein-Hagen
Wolgang Baur T.S. Luikart Elizabeth Shoemaker-Sampat
Stan!* Michelle Lyons Gareth-Michael Skarka
Dennis Detwiller Ryan Macklin Christina Stiles
James Ernest Dominic McDowall-Thomas George Strayton
Matt Forbeck* Jason Morningstar Richard Thomas
Jess Hartley Susan Morris Rodney Thompson
Kenneth Hite* James Wyatt

* Advisory panel

This year, Gen Con will offer our largest guest list ever, in the hopes of delivering even more exciting programming options. While the specific events are still being determined, please search for “Industry Insider” under the “Gaming Group” field, when searching for your events online.

Also, future email newsletters will announce specific, highlighted events, so please keep an eye out for them!

Lockwood Named 2012 Artists Guest of Honor

Todd Lockwood's Wind Image

If you missed the big news, Gen Con has announced its 2012 Artist Guest of Honor,
Todd Lockwood.An award-winning illustrator, concept artist, and world-builder, Lockwood will exhibit his artwork at Gen Con Indy 2012, and has agreed to host an event as a Guest of Honor. With work featured on New York Time’s bestselling novels, world-renowned roleplaying games, and on numerous high-profile TCG cards, his work has an appeal that crosses over a wide range of Gen Con attendees.

For more information on Todd Lockwood at Gen Con Indy 2012, please click here.

Last Call for Film Festival Submissions

Gen Con Indy Film Festival

April 30th is the final Withoutabox Extended deadline for submitting films to this year’s Film Festival – and it’s fast approaching! You may submit films in each of these categories: Feature Films, Short Films, and Series.

The Gen Con Indy Fantastic Film Festival focuses on genres that appeal to our gaming attendees, including: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, animation, anime, martial arts, and related parodies and documentaries.

Gen Con will award cash prizes in the categories of Best Short Film, Best Feature Film, and Best Web Series – and the latter two winners will also receive a free exhibit hall booth at Gen Con Indy 2013!

Visit the Gen Con Indy Film Festival page for more information, and log in to Withoutabox to submit your film today!

Volunteer Applications – Second Notice

This year marks Gen Con’s 45th Anniversary and promises to be an exciting show. We will need lots of volunteers to help and want to make sure “No Volunteer is Left Behind!” If you’re interested in volunteering for Gen Con Indy 2012, we have good news…

The Volunteer Application is now available for downloading!

Go to and click the Volunteer header to find the volunteering level that is right for you. Print and fill out the form; then email, fax or mail it in to our Customer Service department. We look forward to working with you this year!

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