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Godlike (Video RPG Review)

26 April 2012 One Comment

“Godlike in their abilities, let us hope this new breed of man will carry the burden of a suffering world to our ultimate and unwavering goal — freedom for all the people of the Earth.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt
November 10, 1941

At the dawn of World War II, a handful of people called “Talents” manifested strange powers that set them apart from the rest of humanity. With these powers man took to the air without mechanical aid, explored the depths of the sea without life support, and touched the rim of space.

To others, Talents seemed godlike in their power. Only the Talents themselves, pushed to the front lines of every battle, knew the truth — that these newfound powers seemed pointless in the face of death.

That their power set them apart from family, friends and enemies.

That it made them more, and yet somehow less.

These fears, like the power that feeds them, are godlike in their scope.

Welcome to GODLIKE. You are larger than life — but the War is larger than you.


GODLIKE is a role-playing game in which the players take the roles of superhuman Talents fighting in World War II.

No bright spandex, no pulp machismo. In the grimmest conflict in history, ordinary men and women emerge who have the Talents their times demand — but who are still as vulnerable, and ultimately as expendable, as the ordinary troops in the foxholes.

The core book includes everything you need to play in a wartime setting ripe with intrigue and combat.

GODLIKE features an amazing, intensively researched alternate history by award-winning author Dennis Detwiller (Delta Green).

There’s a full list of ready-to-play powers, and easy rules for creating your own from scratch. A huge “field manual” of weapons and vehicles covers all sides of the war.

And Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies) presents the innovative “One-Roll Engine,” built for lightning-fast superpowered action


GODLIKE features an intensively researched alternate history, the depth of setting and character for which award-winning author Dennis Detwiller (Delta Green) is famous, an innovative rules set by Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies), and a complete “D20″ rules conversion by Mike Mearls.

GODLIKE: You are larger than life… but the War is larger than you.

By Dennis Detwiller and Greg Stolze. Hardcover, 354 pages.

Published by Arc Dream Publishing.

I've been playing games all my life, and within the last ten years have really taken to tabletop role-playing games. Since 2009 I've been reviewing them on YouTube and now I find myself reviewing RPGs for 2d6 as well! Good times lay ahead.
The Gentleman Gamer
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