Court of the Medici (Video Review)


Court of the Medici is a casual card game of politics and intrigue at the Medici court.
In Court of the Medici, you play the leader of one of the powerful factions in the city of Florence. Your faction’s power and prosperity in Florence are tied to your favor with the city’s ruling family, the Medici. Favor with the Grand Duke de Medici comes from having the nobles of your faction present at court. However, with nobles from all the other factions at court as well, your influence on the duke is limited.

Through wisely using the nobles you send to court though, you may be able to reduce your rival’s influence while increasing your own faction’s prestige.

~ Z Man Games

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5 thoughts on “Court of the Medici (Video Review)”

  1. Awesome. Glad to hear it.

    One thing that’s great about it is how the game plays out so different given what cards are in the Center Court. If you have two “jokers” in there, it can be pretty fast and bloody for example :)

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  2. Two jesters in the court is exactly what happened when I played with my spouse last week. “Bloody” is a very good description of the gore-fest which followed. Great review!

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