Legends of the Ancient World: The Sewers of Redpoint

The Sewers of Redpoint is a programmed adventure using Dark City Games Legends of the Ancient World rule set. These rules provide gameplay very similar to that of Melee and Wizard from Metagaming. This adventure is compatible with those games as well.

Battles are fought with counters on a hex map that is included with the game.

~  Dark City Games, Inc.

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2 thoughts on “Legends of the Ancient World: The Sewers of Redpoint”

  1. Is this the first time you’ve used your game collection as a background, Marco?

    It’s very impressive. I have a number of the same games and I really envy you for having DAK.

    How much of your collection isn’t visible on camera?

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  2. @sloniewsli: in the background of my video for Raphia there was part of my collection in the old house, but everything got reorganized now that we moved into our new home. What you see in this background is volumetrically about a third of the collection, and numerically about a fourth. The difference is due to the fact that I have many magazine games and ziplock games that do not take nearly as much space as the boxed ones.

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