Void Station 57 (A Video Review)

You emerge from hyperspace with your fuel tanks empty. Expecting to simply refuel and leave, you instead find a dead station, spinning powerless and silent in the eternal void. With no other source of fuel, you have no choice but to search the cold, ebon corridors of Void Station 57.

Void 57 continues the tradition set by Melee and Wizard, updated into a science fiction environment. The game comes with brief rules book, game pieces, game board and scenario book to play through.

~ Dark City Games

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Void Station 57 (A Video Review), 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

2 thoughts on “Void Station 57 (A Video Review)”

  1. A+ again Marco…I just purchased two games from the Legends of the Ancient World Series and I like them very much. Looks like I will have to get this one too. I’m very curious about the Wild West Series…maybe you could give that one a “Marco Review” in the near future.


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  2. I am playing Blood in the Dust (Wild West Series) RIGHT NOW; you can trust a review will be up in the near future!

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