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20 Questions With… Plaid Hat Games! A News Segment Where You Ask The Questions!

4 June 2012 18 Comments

Plaid Hat Games has published some great games including

And the highly anticipated

Now is the chance to ask YOUR questions! Colby Dauch of Plaid Hat Games has kindly agreed to be a guest for “20 Questions” where You submit your questions, WE at 2D6.org gather the 20 most popular questions, and then we conduct the interview!

Want to know about the next Summoner Wars release? Interested in talking about Dungeon Run? Curious what new secret projects are in the works besides Mice and Mystics?


Who Knows There Might Even Be A Contest In The End.

Nothing is worse than Question and Answer sessions where the question you care about the most is never asked. We need   YOU to submit  your questions, you have until  June 17th before we gather up the questions and contact  Plaid Hat Games for the interview!


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  • Peter Schott said:

    My biggest questions right now are around Mice & Mystics. The concept looks really intriguing, but I want to know more? What’s the starting age range? How does it play? Can we get any videos of parts of the game as the story unfolds? Even better, what sort of extra story lines are in the works? The whole thing just sounds really appealing and I want to know more. :)

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  • Joel Eddy said:

    I would also like to know more. What was the inspiration for doing a story-driven game? Did any specific games inspire this? It’s not something we see a whole lot of. And, from what I gather researching it, there are not many games that fall nicely into this genre.

    So, yes. I would like to see a bit more about how it plays, etc…

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  • Ronald said:

    What product is recommended for someone who is interested in getting started in Summoner Wars? Is it best to get the Master Set or is there a beginner oriented product with easy-to-play factions?

    For Mice and Mystics, will there be additional adventures available to purchase or download after you finish the main storybook?

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  • Manuel said:

    Will there be a German edition of Mice and Mystics? At least pdfs of the books and paste-ups for the cards, so we can play it with our kids?

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  • Nacho said:

    Questions for Summoner Wars:

    – Will there be reinforcement decks with some of the above Common units to create decks that carry the 10 copies that allow the rules?

    – Will we have sleeves for our decks? Faction Sleeves will be nice! If so, please, think in competitive games, adding a symbol (and rule) to allow players to put cards in the Magic Pile in two given positions (oriented to right and left), according the owner of the card, to differentiate them in the Mirror Match (same faction and sleeves).

    -The premium board is nice but is not very portable. Why you didn’t make neoprene mats and deckboxes to improve portability?

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  • Doug Click said:

    Origins is over, did you feel it was successful for your company?

    Can you give us a hint as to what will be released for the remainder of 2012?

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  • Will said:

    Summoner Wars- Any update on Vargath swamp or renforcements?

    Also any update on the 2nd summoners?

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  • Yosiel said:

    Hello 2D6! First of all, your description says that we have time until May 27th. Perhaps you can fix that?
    I have questions about all 3 games so let’s start with the most prominent ones:
    Mice & Mystics:
    – A lot of people have been asking about if your products will get publishing rights to produce them in another countries. Being a non US resident myself, is it possible that this game make the final note to that?
    – I’m a fan of the “Watch it Played” channel on Youtube, and your association with them to make a Summoner Wars was spectacularly made. Mice & Mystics seems to fit their target of games perfectly! Have you talked with them again to do some upcoming collaboration in this game?
    Summoner Wars:
    – Up to this report, you have released 16 factions, each with a distinct gameplay and strategy. What is your next take? Are you gonna keep releasing factions or find new variants of play introducing second summoners and events? Maybe the two or none of the above, who knows!
    Dungeon Run:
    – This is my favorite game and the reason why I love your company so much! I know that after GenCon it has received so mixed reviews and that DR2 is aiming to improve the experience in all aspects of the game. Do you think that Dungeon Run will have to wait until its reincarnation comes to fully get its goal or small support (like updating rules) and also fan-made variants can make this game more appealing to those who couldn’t like them on first hand?
    – In the Dungeon Run 2 preview it was named that a new ability called ‘hunter’, but there’s already a ‘hunter’ ability on the first one. Do you remember the placeholder that ability has on the development? Just to not confuse the fans any longer.
    – When finally the second version ‘runs’ free into the world do you believe that would be closure of the series (counting that it will release all the factions in existence making it quite symmetric) or more material will come? Just your expectation and thoughts after witnessing DR2 on motion, not official planning/announcements or anything like that.

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  • Kevin Wenzel said:

    Thanks Yosiel, for catching that Error !

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  • Lance said:

    Summoner Wars – when is it coming out on the iOS? (just a joke question; I’m sure you’re sick of this one 5 times a day)

    What is the craziest faction you came up with that wasn’t realistic to include? Any thought of a special one-off “duel deck” – Jocks vs Geeks?

    Mice & Mystics – How complete was the game when Mr. Hawthorne brought it to you? How much play testing did this take compared to Summoner Wars?

    Podcast – How can you incorporate that many people on the podcast and not have it be cluttered? Even if I wasn’t interested in board games, it’s great entertainment and obvious yall are enjoying what you do and having fun.

    Kickstarter – Standard KS question #1? Standard KS question #2? Follow-up KS question #2b? Challenging KS question #3 (taking the opposite opinion of yours); how could you possibly feel that way?

    Industry – As someone in the industry person, how would you say that the industry is doing and how do you think the industry will do in the future? What are the qualifications to be someone in the industry?

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    […] podcast/blog, is interviewing Colby Dauch, founder/chief game designer of Plaid Hat Games. 2D6 is accepting reader questions for the “20 Questions” interview. You have until June 17th to submit your questions, so […]

  • David said:

    It appears that things are going well in Plaid Hat land. Congratulations! Will you be making a new batch of Summoner Wars faction dice available again?

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  • ExpendableGuy said:

    How do you feel about Mage Wars? A lot of people are comparing it to Summoner Wars. What about Conquest Tactics? Again, a lot of people have drawn comparisons to Summoner Wars. Do you take those imitations as a form of flattery?

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  • glenn3e said:

    I’d like to know everything upcoming about Summoner Wars, target release for next expansion, and maybe some info on the new mechanics for the Cave Goblins.

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  • Jordan Clark said:

    I bought the Master Set and both starter decks. That leaves the remaining 6 factions (4 of which are out of print). When you reprint these factions, would ou consider another Master Set-like edition that included the other 6 factions? Also, what about bundle deals on the reinforcements? I don’t have a game store in town so I’ll be getting them online, but typically they’re cheaper somewhere like Amazon, I’d be willing to spend a little more if there was some other incentive to get the from the Plaid Hat Store (certainly supporting PHG is somewhat of an incentive in itself). Also, does it look like there is enough demand for more premium accessories, such as faction dice, neoprene mats and deck boxes? Bottom line – I love I all and I will most likely buy it all sooner or later.

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  • T.J. S. said:

    I want to know about planned expansions of Mice and Mystics.
    -How long of a wait will there be from the release date of the base game before an expansion is released?
    -What kinds of expansions are planned? (Storybook only, more monsters, more mice, cards, ,pdfs, ect.)
    -Possible costs of different types?
    -Any word yet on a more exact release date?
    -Maybe a free extra chapter for pre-release folks?
    -How about some limited edition painted mice figures?
    That’s all. Thanks for making a game that looks this awesome. I can’t wait to receive my copy.

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  • Lance said:

    Plaid Hat – Do you have a lifetime supply of said plaid hats? Has the plaid hat changed over the years or is there a basic one that never goes out of style? Exactly what size is the Master Plaid Hat? Do you only wear the red/black tartan or do you ever go crazy and bring out a different color? Is there any consideration to have everyone wear a plaid hat at GenCon or other conventions? Or did you already do that at the lake – and if so will there be a picture posted in the brandy new PHG.com News section?

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  • Nick said:

    Summoner Wars Design Question:

    Were there any cards or mechanics in Summoner Wars that played significantly different or better than expected, and, if so, do you have any regrets with the way certain aspects of Summoner Wars plays out? (obviously we know about Thorkur).

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