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The Rivals for Catan & The Rivals for Catan: Age of Darkness (A Video Review)

19 June 2012 2 Comments

Build your domain to best your Rivals.

The Rivals for Catan puts you in charge of one of the two factions developing newly-settled Catan. Use your under card mix to create your own principality. Explore and settle new lands, acquiring resources through card play and the luck of the dice. Use gold, response combinations, and trade to develop your domain. Expand your settlements and cities recruit heroes, and defend your lands through politics, invention, and intrigue. Your cunning and a dash of luck decides who will be Prince of Catan.

~ Mayfair Games

The Rivals of Catan base game was provided by Game Salute.

Joel Eddy
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The Rivals for Catan & The Rivals for Catan: Age of Darkness (A Video Review), 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


  • Geof Gambill said:

    Nice review as always Joel. I like this one quite a bit too, though I have the original and the many, many expansions made for that one. I don’t see too much difference between the two other than the commerce/windmill token. If you have the lead in commerce, can you still take resources from other players, or did they do away with that?

    One variant I have played and like quite a bit is using two production dice. This really speeds the game up, and keeps it from “resource drag” as you wait to get what you need.

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  • Joel Eddy (author) said:

    Thanks Geof. Was definitely surprised by this one.

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