Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers: “Just the Two of Us” Episode 8

“Just the Two of Us”


Welcome back for our eighth episode of Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers!

In this episode we focus on two player games, specifically some of the differences between a two player game and multiplayer games, as well as games that will play more than two people, but possibly play best with two players. We also cover some of the different types of two player games on the market.

Some games we cover in more detail: Omen: Reign of War and Meltdown 2020

Finally, we are visited by a special guest at the beginning of the episode!

As before here is the list of games we cover:

“The Submarine Game”, Hansa Teutonica, Revolution!, London, Equilbrion, Onirim, Meltdown 2020, Ice Flow, Cave Evil, Tournay, A la Carte, Pyramid, The Black Pirate, Wallenstein, Shogun, Tinner’s Trail, Omen: Reign of War, Abaddon, Caylus, 7 Wonders, Urban Sprawl, Stone Age, Airlines Europe, Martian Dice, Zombie Dice, Morels, Mice and Mystics, Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, Warhammer: Invasion, Android: Netrunner, Magic: The Gathering

~ Joel Eddy

Opinions and statements stated by “Wooden Cubes and Iron Soldiers”  podcast are not to be considered as endorsed by 2D6.org. Visitors are urged to use their own discernment to draw their own conclusions.

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Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers: "Just the Two of Us" Episode 8, 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

10 thoughts on “Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers: “Just the Two of Us” Episode 8”

  1. LOL! At first I was like “Since when has Marko been Scandinavian?”

    Hope all goes well and Marko’s family are soon home, safe and happy with the new addition!

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  2. Legumes is a general term for beans. Morels are a type of mushroom that can’t be “farmed” and are rare, like truffles. Great episode! Sorry to hear about your Hansa burnout.

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  3. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Don’t worry Chris. I’m sure it’s only temporary, like most game burnouts. I just need to mix it up with the new board and hidden goals I think.

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  4. Hi Guys! Great episode. I like how Marco began sounding like Speedy Gonzalez towards the end there in the intro! Good laugh. I hope all is well with him and his growing family.

    Lance, I know how you feel about reviewing games after playing 500+ myself. I think, however, gamers are, in general, an imaginative lot, and so I try to frame my recommendations through the split personality method. If someone asks me about a new game, I’ll pull a Hershel Walker on them (you should get that one Lance) and say something like:

    New Gamer Geof would LOVE this game. The resource conversion is VERY cool and satisfying as you build your little church from the ground up. You can SEE it being built as the game progresses. It has some great interaction, and plays in just an hour or hour and a half. It offers some interesting decisions and the pawn pull system can be agonizing. Perfect for a small gaming group of 2-4. If you read the books, it’s a bonus, but not needed. The theme is awesome. You’ll love this! I rate it an 8. Can’t wait to get it to the table again!

    Old Gamer Geof would say it’s a standard resource conversion game. The church on the board is really just a clock for the game, you’re not really building it, it’s just chrome. The theme is nothing new, but if you like that kind of middle ages setting, you may dig it. The game should NEVER be played two player, only three and four and four is probably best. There are some random elements in the draw that make for some interesting variability from game to game, and that may be the only new thing of note in this design. A solid 6 or 7. Good game, not great.

    Putting on these different hats lets me tailor my reviews to people depending on where they are in the hobby. There is an evolution that happens over time, but that is not always a bad thing, you just have to be aware that the game will be judged in large part depending on the sheer number of games you have played in the past which provides context as time passes. There are games I would NOT recommend to you or Joel based on your experience, that I would totally recommend to my friend Zack who I have just converted into a gamer and, as Stuart Smalley would say, “…and….that’s, OK, because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like my reviews”.

    Keep up the great work guys! Bonus point if you can identify the game I referenced! Point for what, I don’t know, but it makes it sound exciting!

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  5. I remember Martin Wallace saying (in an interview about Discworld) he makes slightly less than the UK government off each of his games that he sells (the ones published through treefrog at any rate).

    VAT (Value Added Tax, payed on all luxury items) in the UK was 17.5%, it might now be 20%.

    So my guess is that Martin makes around 15% of the sale cost on each copy of a tree frog game. Most of his games have a RRP of around £35. So that’s around £5 per item. He sells a 1000 copies, he makes £5000.

    A minimum wage sallary in the uk gives you around £12k if you work full time. £20k-25k is considered a good graduate wage and a teacher with a decade under the belt will earn around £30k.

    So really, unless Martin sells a few thousand games a year he isn’t doing too great out of it financially. I guess Mayfair or any bigger publisher would just pay him a commission for a design. I doubt they’d pay him a larger sum than his 15% though, or he’d probably not be doing Treefrog.

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  6. another comment.

    Fantasy flight maintain several in house designers don’t they? Kevin Wilson, Cory Konieczka etc. Given the amount of games FF ships per year, they may earn a full salary from it. Also looking at Alan R Moon’s page on bgg he gives a short bio and appears to make his living entirely from the industry, if not entirely from designing.

    Industry voyeurism a side good episode. It sounds like Marco is in good health

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  7. Great comments Simon. I spaced the guys that work at FFG.

    I think Wallace probably does “OK” based on your numbers. He probably has good years and bad year. But last had to be a fairly good year for him. He had A Few Acres of Snow and Ankh Morpork. My guess is that he sold around 8000 copies combined of those games, if not more. BGG has about 6000 marking as owned for both games.

    Throw in Test of Fire: Bull Run as a bonus…. /shrug

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  8. I really enjoy the podcast and look forward to every episode. Thanks so much!

    Could you list a few more of your favorite two player games (maybe Joel if he’s more familiar with them)? I have more opportunities to play 2-player than multi-player and would like to get more suggestions (lighter wargames like No Retreat are fine). Thanks again!

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  9. Thanks Peter. Some other two players games… Well No Retreat, 1989, Twilight Struggle, Julius Caesar are all great war games. Other non-wargames… Vinhos is fantastic if like meaty Euros. Rivals for Catan is excellent! Ascension is a great filler-ish game. There are several good super light games like Lost Cities, Battleline, and other KOSMOS games. Glen More is a good 2p game. Stone Age… I could go on and on probably. :)

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