Chicago Express (Video Review)

Tycoons like Cornelius Vanderbilt and Charles Morgan are representatives of a time of changes at the end of the 19th century in America.

The development and the settlement of North America progresses fast with the help of the bigger railway companies.

As investors the players take part in the development and the expansion of the 5 largest railway companies of the country. It is their aim to make high profits through the expansion of the rail network towards Chicago, the development of the town and mountain hexes or the purchase of company shares.
Only the player who makes clever investments and developes the right companies will win the game with the largest amount of money.

~ Queen Games

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4 thoughts on “Chicago Express (Video Review)”

  1. I think it (and all of the Winsome-based designs) are a
    eurofication of the ‘xx design (which I already see as an
    early euro-type concept). More is abstracted, which doesn’t
    necessarily make the game simpler to grasp, although it does
    cut down on mechanical aspects. But, factors which aren’t even
    covered in any standard ‘xx are also expressed in some of these

    It may be an easier step for a eurogamer, but I don’t know that
    these games are as simple to understand for an old school gamer
    who’s used to intuitive designs. For me, ‘xx made sense just by
    reading – with Chicago Express, I found that I had to see the play
    develop to understand what it represented.

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  2. Absolutely agree with that last paragraph. I think it’s ideal that all player’s have a very similar understanding of the game to make it enjoyable. That seems to be a key with more “Euros”. Granted it’s that way with most games, but it seems to be more extreme with Eurogames in my experience. Whereas a game between an experienced player and a novice in other genres won’t be AS satisfying if they are not equally skilled etc…, with a Eurogame it can turn into a nightmare session unless everyone has some expectation of how much screwage/luck/whatever is going to be involved.

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  3. Are you the long-lost brother of Philip Semour Hoffman?

    I didn’t see Calandale’s videos on it… wish I had bothered to look. :)

    …for the longest time, this talked about and storied game, had one review with some wickedly bad sound and video… I’m glad you (and calandale) did this!

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