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Undead – a quick hit

12 July 2012 3 Comments


 This is an attempt to recreate the legendary battles of Van Helsing and the vampire hunters against Dracula, in Victorian London. The game is based on the books, not on the movies, so many things are different to what Vampire-fans are used to (Dracula CAN move during the day for example, although it tires him). The game takes two forms: a two player game and a simplified roleplaying game. A game master is helpful, but optional.

~ Steve Jackson Games

Recovering hobo, one-time actor and street corner philosopher, now trying to enjoy the less fine things in life (like everyone else does). One thing has been nearly constant in my life - gaming. Even before discovering wargames (at the tender age of 10 or so - purely fortuitous), I would play out family games (including the 3M series) solitaire. But, life situations interfered not too long ago, and I was largely without board gaming for the better part of a decade. The last couple of years have seen me devoting myself to the hobby again - and learning a lot of the newer designs - so, I'm looking from the eyes of an old grognard (ah, how I fought against THAT term when first used on me) but an open mind and willingness to see if newer games appeal.
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  • Kevin Wenzel said:

    This one reminds me of the old TSR Dracula game. Something from my childhood that I totally loved!

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  • calandale (author) said:

    I never got a chance to play that one.
    Had my eye on it, but back then, I couldn’t afford
    grabbing everything I wanted. Once I learned the
    magic of bottle collecting, however….

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  • Kevin Wenzel said:

    A friend of mine found a pristine copy unopened a few years back and gave it to me as a Christmas present.

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