Aeroplanes (Video Review)

Aeroplanes™ explores the dawn of commercial aviation, an exciting era between 1919 and 1939.

Experience the difficulties and triumphs of commercial airlines in Europe, pioneering airports and service in continental Europe and around the world!

Aviation spurred the growth of intercontinental travel, and airlines struggled to dominate the regions of the globe that they served.

Rapid technological advances in planes play a vital role in this development as you compete to purchase newer more efficient aeroplanes, build airports and move passengers around the globe. Earn bonuses and prestige for being the first to fly to North or South America, and win by maintaining the most airports around the world, and running your airline profitably.

Can you balance your investment in aeroplanes, customer service, and routes well enough to become the premier airline of the era?

The fate and future of air travel lies within your hands!

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  1. Uugggghhhh, Now you’ve made me want to buy another game! I heard so much bad press on this one, including Jesse, but after listening to you, this may be totally up my alley. The intense player interation and screwage along with the variability due to the turn order die, makes this one look like a fun ride. I can totally see your point about multiple strategies and approaches to the game. I’ll have to try this one for sure.

    Fnally, I hate the single sided counters as well, and join you in asking Mayfair to stop! I’d gladly pay one or two dollars more to not have to deal with that.

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