Andean Abyss Micro Review

Colombia in the 1990s hosted one of the world’s last Marxist guerrilla armies, brutal drug lords, and right-wing death squads and appeared close to failing as a state. A decade later, its Marxists had lost their top leaders and rural sanctuary, its big drug bosses were dead or in prison, and its paramilitaries were negotiating demobilization. The Government had extended its writ to most of the countryside, restored its popularity, and improved the economy and respect for human rights.

Andean Abyss takes 1 to 4 players into this multifaceted campaign for control of Colombia: guerrillas and police, kidnapping and drug war, military sweeps and terror. Each of four factions deploys distinct capabilities and tactics to influence Colombian affairs and achieve differing goals. Players place and maneuver 160 wooden pieces across a colorful map and exploit event cards that cannot be fully predicted. Accessible mechanics and components put the emphasis on game play, but Andean Abyss also provides an engrossing model of insurgency and counterinsurgency in Colombia—smoothly accounting for population control, lines of communication, terrain, intelligence, foreign aid, sanctuaries, and a host of other political, military, and economic factors.

~ GMT Games

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2 thoughts on “Andean Abyss Micro Review”

  1. Son of a …………! Now I have to buy this. Curse you Joel Eddy! On a serious note, it semms like the yellow player is seriously underpowered. I love the asymmetry, but it must be a bear to balance. I’d love to try this one, and have to try to get a copy now. I have Cuba Libre pre-ordered already as that theme interested me more, but this looks awesome as well.

    BTW, when did GMT go from meh components and paper maps to some of the most beautifully made games with awesome components out there? They have really stepped up their game. Fantastic production values yet again.

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  2. Ya. Everything looks great!

    I haven’t yet played as the UAC but they were definitely threatening through the last half of my solo game. There are some events that will give them a small boost in resources, but even without that…. The moment the FARC spreads out to mess with the Government, they will be spread out and susceptible to a UAC strike.

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