20 Questions With… Jake Thornton Designer of Dreadball and Ronnie and Chris From Mantic Games! A News Segment Where You Ask The Questions!

The miniatures gaming scene is a crowded market full of games covering every genre from elves with bows to futuristic juggernauts battling it out in space for galactic dominance. In this crowded scene it is hard to stand out from the next new thing but a company called Mantic Games is doing just that. Mantic Games is bringing together the best sculptors, game designers, artists, and writers from around the world to produce fantastic models that are fantastic to collect, fun to paint, and phenomenal to game with.

Well known industry veteran and game designer Jake Thornton who you can learn more about on his blog quirkworthy has teamed up with Mantic Games to produce the kickstarter.com success DREADBALL which recently completed a highly successful, $728,985 campaign!! Dreadball looks to bring some fantastic miniature based  gameplay meshed with a brutal futuristic sport that will make for some really entertaining one off game and/or league play. Combining elements of Lacrosse, Hockey, and a little bit of Rugby Dreadball is set to resurrect and immensely improve upon a game that was near and dear to my heart growing up as a young board gamer. It’s no secret that Blood Bowl is the only game I have ever played to get a perfect 10 from me and yet DreadBall is about to take that formula to 11!

Now is the chance to ask YOUR questions! Jake, Ronnie (The Boss Over at Mantic), and Chris (Web and Events Co-ordinator) have all graciously agreed to be our guests for “20 Questions” where You submit your questions, WE at 2D6.org gather the 20 most popular questions, and then we conduct an interview!

Curious about miniature gaming? Clamoring for a sneak peak at DreadBall? Craving hints about Mantic Games next Project? Now is the chance to ask your questions!


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Nothing is worse than Question and Answer segment where the questions you care about the most are never asked. We need  YOU to submit  your questions, you have until  Friday The 2nd of November, then we will contact them for the interview!

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2 thoughts on “20 Questions With… Jake Thornton Designer of Dreadball and Ronnie and Chris From Mantic Games! A News Segment Where You Ask The Questions!”

  1. Jake, Ronnie and Chris,

    Congrats on a very successful Kickstarter.

    1) Which MVP’s will be shipping with the first Kickstarter packs?
    2) Will the Season 2 Judwan team have a Skill 3+?
    3) Can you have more than one “Keeper” upgraded Guard on a team?
    4) Any hints on team 13? or Mega-Mini #5?


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  2. Jake, Ronnie, or Chris,

    1)Are there any plans to incorporate any new mvps/teams/3-hex mechs or beasties that were not enclosed on the kickstarter at a later date for the game?

    2) Will the Forge Father team get a 3 hex mech for season 3?

    3) Any plans to go beyond season 4 with dreadball?

    4) Where do you see dreadball going in the next 3 years? Will it continue to evolve?

    5) Will you continue to engage kickstarter pledgers/community for feedback on any new ideas for dreadball like when the kickstarter was going?



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