A Quick Look: Rapa Nui

A Quick Look, from The Long View

Welcome to A Quick Look, from The Long View. This is a new series that is designed to introduce and review new games. These will be games that I have played personally but because of the fact that they are new, may have only played a handful of times. Long enough to get a solid idea about how the game plays, its merits and possible pitfalls, but not long enough perhaps for a full Long View treatment. It is my hope that these reviews will help you, the listener, decide if you should spend your hard earned dollars on the latest and greatest from the world of games. As always, thanks to 2d6.org for generously hosting The Long View, and now, A Quick Look.

Our second episode of A Quick Look features the new game from KOSMOS, Rapa Nui. Thanks for listening!

~ Geof Gambill


 A Quick Look: Rapa Nui


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  1. This game should be coming to the States soon I believe. I’m not real sure. I know Gamesurplus.com has it in stock. I am very impressed with it. One of the games from this year that I have played repeatedly still to this day.

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