Terra Mystica (Video Review)

Terra Mystica is a strategy game with a simple gameplay and a small element of luck: You take one of 14 people to the countryside on the playing field in your favor to convert and build your building on it. Proximity to your fellow restricts you in your spread, but brings you advantages in the game. From this tension relates Terra Mystica its appeal. buildings can be upgraded in order to provide you resources like workers, priests, money and power. Build temples to win influence in the four cults fire, earth, water and air. Build your castle to activate the special ability of your people. Width you out with your homes to many workers have available. Or arrange with your trading houses for a steady cash flow. 14 artfully designed nations, all with special properties, and interchangeable round cards allow countless game combinations that make this game permanently exciting! The game material includes, among other things 7 on both sides playable races panels, over 300 buildings and pieces of wood, and a game manual in German and English.

~ Feuerland Spiele

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