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Chariots of Fire, the 14th volume in the Great Battles of History series of games, allows players to recreate battles from the Bronze Age, that period of time covering several centuries for which there is little “written evidence”.

The military period covered could be called The Chariot Era, and Chariots of Fire will, as much as possible, try to trace the rise of the chariot’s power as a military weapon. The game uses the basic mechanics and systems that have run throughout the Great Battles of History series, with some important modifications and adaptations that apply and highlight the era covered.

Historical Note: The period following The Bronze Age, from what is known as The Catastrophe of ca. 1200 BC to the rise of the Greek city-states, is almost totally devoid of any sort of information, and that includes archaeological remains. It is the true Dark Age of history. When the area emerged from that era, warfare had undergone major changes and chariots had been relegated to the sidelines.

Battles include: Sumer (ca. 2320 BCE), Sekmem (ca. 1870 BCE), Megiddo (ca. 1479 BCE), Senzar (1470 BCE), Astarpa (1336 BCE), Kadesh (1300 BCE), Nihriya (ca. 1230 BCE), Babylon (ca. 1225 BCE), Troy (ca.1200 BCE)















For the rest of the battles, please visit my youtube channel.

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2 thoughts on “Chariots of Fire (Video Review)”

  1. I have just picked this one up and am anxious to try it. I’ve played scenarios of SPQR, Alexander, and Caesar and this one seems to be more wide open. Good review.

    From what I’ve seen the “Troy” scenario alone is “worth the price of admission” so to speak. You had mentioned Michael Woods “In Search of the Trojan War”. This is well worth seeing and I believe is in about eight parts.

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  2. I ended up hunting down a lot of Wood’s work after being directed
    to that one. It’s great to see someone who actually understands what
    he’s presenting – too many times on these shows, it feels as though
    the narrator is just a voice.

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