My Favorite Wargame Discoveries of 2012


This video is about the war games I enjoyed the most playing in 2012, regardless of when they originally came out. Dust Tactics is my favorite game for now, but since I do not consider it a war game it is not featured in this video.

~ Marco

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My Favorite Wargame Discoveries of 2012, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Wargame Discoveries of 2012”

  1. Hey Marco! Thanks for the great overview. I am eager to try Mr. Madison’s War with a friend of mine soon. I am also intrigued by the DVG series of solitaire wargames. I am, however, intimidated by them since I know no one who has one to teach me, so I’d have to go it alone. I am also not a very experienced wargamer, and so am not always familiar with some of the deeper/complex concepts. If I were to get into a DVG game, which would you recommend? Field Commander Series? Hornet Leader? It looks like your #1 may be too complex for a first foray. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  2. hi Geof,
    I find DVG manual very well written, and simply excellent to teach games to oneslf. I learned all of their game individually, from the books, and never had a problem. If you can play Mr Madison’s War, you can certainly play any field commander game (I recommend Alexander or Napoleon), and certainly B-boat Leader or Hornet Leader CAO. T/AL is a tad more advanced…

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