4 thoughts on “Undead Viking’s Top Ten Boardgames of 2012!”

  1. I was thinking you should clarify your cut off cause I see some 2012 games in the background and was wondering if they just didn’t make your list or you hadn’t gottem to them yet!

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  2. I enjoy your year in review. I usually get a gaming budget from my annual bonus. Yours is one of the annual reviews I look for. This is where I get my ideas for my shopping list.

    I am trying to put a gaming group together. I would like to see a list of games that you could use to introduce people to gaming.



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  3. Spartacus is awesome I agree.

    I also love Battlestar!
    You’ve got to — must (no saving throw) — watch BSG.
    Do it.

    Thanks for the overview of 2012 some games that were not on my radar that I want to check out now.

    Have you tried Mice and Mystics with your daughter?

    Looking forward to more reviews — maybe see you at Gen Con (registration is soon).

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