“20 Questions” A Community Driven Interview Presents: Stone Blade Entertainment (formerly Gary Games)


Stone Blade Entertainment was founded in 2010 by by Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour champion Justin Gary originally under the name of Gary Games and their first release Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer hit stores in August of 2010. Ascension was designed as a fast paced deck building game created through the joint input of Justin Gary, Brian Kibler, John Fiorillo, Rob Dougherty, with artwork by Eric Sabee. Since its release Ascension has seen 3 stand alone expansions all designed to be part of a grand story arc.

Stone Blade Entertainment currently sells its award winning deck building game, Ascension as both a physical product and iOS app. In May of 2012, Ascension had over one million games played online and was number one on the iOS charts for paid apps!

Of course Ascension isn’t the only game coming from Stone Blade Entertainment, Solforge (a digital trading card game) is a collaborative effort between Stone Blade and industry veteran Richard Garfield best known for the venerable game Magic: The Gathering.


Now is the chance to ask YOUR questions! Justin Gary and his design team have graciously agreed to be our guest for “20 Questions”, a community driven Q&A segment where You submit your questions, WE at 2D6.org gather the 20 most popular questions, and then we conduct an interview!


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Nothing is worse than Question and Answer segment where the questions you care about the most are never asked. We need  YOU to submit  your questions and we will gather up the best questions in one week and conduct the interview!

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9 thoughts on ““20 Questions” A Community Driven Interview Presents: Stone Blade Entertainment (formerly Gary Games)”

  1. Do you see the current block format for Ascension staying the same, or are there other types of releases planned for the future?

    Ascension and Sol Forge both have quick to learn rules and fast card based game play. Is this something you strive for in the games you make, or is it just how these two projects worked out?

    Will the Alloyin have a Shaper, and if so is it ready to be spoiled? Or is the Shaper concept not a good fit since one of their themes is leveling cards faster?

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  2. Will the free-to-play Ascension app replace the current one made by Playdek and/or will the online server for it be shut down? This is a pretty depressing thought quite frankly.

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  3. First of all, I would like to say “thank you” for already answering my previous question as well as informing us that Immortal Heroes will be coming to iOS; are you planning on releasing more promo packs for us to purchase as well?

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  4. With Ascension growing not only in popularity but in depth with each passing expansion- will Stone Blade ever consider allowing fans to submit ideas for the game? Can a form be created to allow ideas to be submitted so Stone Blade may utilize great ideas that they may like?

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