Critical Review – Adventure Kingdom


Most of us, when we were younger, dreamed of being a dashing prince or beautiful princess fighting away monsters and villains, while saving the day and being the hero! Heck, for all I know, some of us may still aspire to be tht person when we grow up!  Thankfully, table top games allow us escape reality and delve into fantastic lands that are colorful, fun, and most of all, adventurous!  This week, we share with you another Game Crafter game that does just that, Adventure Kingdom!


Adventure Kingdom will put you in the role of a dashing hero or heroine, who will have to use their guile, their abilities, their pets and magical items, as well as a lot of luck, to escape the evil clutches of Castle Orm!  Orm, the dastardly villain, has captured you and your fellow heroes and heroines and has trapped you inside his castle.  The only way out?  You must capture a key from each of the castle’s rooms, find the hidden passage way out, and escape his evil plans!


Critical Review – Adventure Kingdom



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