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In this episode of The Long View, I’m joined by Chad Mekash as we dive into the world of Advanced Squad Leader! Join us as we discuss the virtues of this venerable game system, and how you too can become a genuine grognard! Along the way, Chad discusses the best way to begin playing ASL, and his own personal recommendations for playing and teaching this intriguing game.

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~ Geof Gambill

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2 thoughts on “The Long View: Advanced Squad Leader”

  1. Great podcast. Chad is a good spokesman for ASL. Some of us, however, play for the strategy, and not so much to re-live WWII history. It is challenging to decide whether to attack through the northern approach with everyone, or split your forces so he has to defend both directions. Will you soften up his position with Prep fire, or move forward with a few half-squads and then bring the rest around after them? For defense, I enjoy a more mobile defense rather than a static one, so I look for scenarios which have that. I agree with Chad in that much of the appeal is the variety. That and the strategy are why I have played the game so many times.

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  2. Thanks for the comment Jason, I appreciate it, and I’m glad you enjoyed the show! I think we may have focused more on the history of the game, and the ways to approach it rather than strategies and tactics which, as the host, is entirely my fault for omitting. As a matter of fact, Joel suggested Chad and I do a follow up delving more into the actual game play, and what makes the game different from others such as Conflict of Heroes, or Combat Commander etc. I told him I thought that was a grand idea if people were interested. It looks like that may be just what you are looking for!

    As far as strategy goes, I MUCH favor static defense. Mobility on defense makes me nervous that I will leave a flank open, or miss something. I think there is an art to a flexible defense, or organized retreat that I just do not possess. On the attack, I prefer things more fluid, and am more likely to take chances. The only game where I am totally disciplined and methodical about my attack (forming and holding lines etc.) is 1812, Invasion of Canada, one of the lightest wargames you’ll ever play. I find that a slow, organized advance is the only way the Americans have a decent chance, and it’s taught me patience. Operational level games just seem much more my speed, but I’m anxious to try ASL with Chad one of these days so I can see if I can learn the system, and recapture some of the fond memories I have of the original Squad Leader. Thanks again for listening!

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