Critical Review – Columbia


While most people look to Kickstarter or Indiegogo for creativity, there are many other sites out there that are filled with ingenious little designs and devilish little cardboard pieces of fun, frolic, and in the case of our latest Critical Review, fur!  Eric and Phuong Le Boillaud have teamed up to bring thw world of 1700’s Native America, fur trading, and woodsman runners to a tabletop near you, all through the power of the Game Crafter!

In Columbia, the setting is the 1700s and it’s up to you and your rival woodsman, to trap, trade, swap and sell the most beaver, wolf and bear pelts you can, between two rival trading companies, the Northwest Company and the Hudson Bay Company, to be victorious!  You’ll have to manage a raging river, ensure your base camp is sound and efficient, and succeed in acquiring trading posts along the way!

Critical Review – Columbia



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