Critical Review – Fantastiqa


As any good gamer knows, there’s a point where one type of game can get saturated on the market.  Currently, everyone and their brother (and their brothers!) has a deck building game. Dominion launched a craze, and everyone is getting in on the fun.  While most are fun, quantity doesn’t always equate to quality.

In the midst of a flood of similarity, there comes a point where something surfaces.  It comes in the door, quietly, cleverly and is simple but refined.  It goes unnoticed by the masses, but it soon rises to the top ,captures people’s attention as unique and differentiated and breaks the mold for the genre it is in. I’m happy to say, that in the world of Deck Builders, Fantastiqa not only does this, but does it like nothing ever has before!

Critical Review – Fantastiqa


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