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Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack makes landfall in North America

14 March 2013 2 Comments
Days of wonder

Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack
makes landfall
in North America

The new Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack has hit the beach! This new expansion delivers the largest set of figures ever released for the Memoir ’44 game system… and it’s now available from retailers across North America.

Filling a game box as big as the original, the Equipment Pack includes 186 highly detailed plastic figures. You’ll find pieces from 4 WWII nations, including French Infantry, Finnish Ski Troops, Italian Artillery and Polish Cavalry; 24 new pieces of Artillery; new Beach Landing equipment including 6 amazing Hobart’s Funnies; 6 Snipers; and scores of new Armor, Vehicle and Special Weapon Assets.
All these figures can be deployed over many of the existing Memoir ’44 scenarios, but you’ll also discover 17 new scenarios in the Equipment Pack – 11 Standard, 2 Breakthrough and 4 Overlord – all designed with these new pieces in mind.
The Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack is the definitive Memoir ’44 figure expansion. It’s now available at better game stores throughout North America, from Days of Wonder webstore; and even at the Days of Wonder booth at Gencon in Indianapolis this week. Memoir ’44 fans should get theirs now!
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  • Brandon said:

    Isn’t this AT LEAST six months old now?

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  • Kevin Wenzel (author) said:

    I got the email from them the day I posted it!

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