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In this episode of The Long View, I’m joined by special guest Racquel Beitz as we discuss the epic game of Dominant Species. As a generous donor to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, Raquel requested the opportunity to discuss her favorite game, and I was only too happy to oblige! Along the way, we discuss the scienific underpinnings of this modern classic, strategic ideas and tips, player interaction, as well as what makes the game so unique and compelling.

Thanks to Racquel Beitz for her generous donation to the JVMF and participation in the show, to for hosting the show, to for sponsoring the show and, as always, thanks to YOU for listening!

~ Geof Gambill


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5 thoughts on “The Long View: Dominant Species”

  1. This happens to be one of my favorite games so far in the last year! I have no issues with the cards since they represent dramatic changes of nature. Life is often greatly altered by unknown and unexplained turns of events, that some people would call luck.

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  2. Its still coming up with a 404 error on dropbox.
    Might be a problem on my end as it happens for a few of the podcasts (though not all of them).

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