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What is the Best Epic Space Game of All Time? A 2D6.org Poll!

7 March 2013 8 Comments


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Kevin Wenzel
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  • Matt Hopkins said:

    I enjoy every game of Eclipse I play, but it falls short of feeling epic to me. TI3, even with the drawbacks of long play time and difficulty getting a game arranged, is epic in every way.

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  • calandale said:

    I vote Stellar Conquest. But, there are a few more (Starfall for example)
    that I want to try first. I might give Eclipse a shot – though I don’t
    see how something even MORE of a euro than TI3 could manage.

    SE4X isn’t too bad, for something available still.

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  • Kevin Wenzel (author) said:

    I have to admit full disclosure that I never played Eclipse. I am glad people are suggesting other games because I am sure some are out there!

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  • Michael V K said:

    There seems to be some kind of issue with the poll, I cannot see any place to select “Space Empires 4x” :)

    On a serious note TI3 is the clear winner. Eclipse has too many issues that prevent it from toppling the grand daddy of soap opera space themed games.

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  • Kevin Wenzel (author) said:

    Seems very one sided, Where are all the Eclipse fans at?

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  • honeypot said:

    “Where are all the Eclipse fans at?”

    at BGG.

    Eclipse is a nice Euro/Risk hybrid with a space theme that sometimes (not often) makes you feel you wasted your time because of the sheer luck in drawing and rolling.
    In TI3 everyone expects the game to be unbalanced from the start and there is a social/political metagame that might be more important than tha actual game. This aspect is not present in Eclipse.

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  • Simon said:

    vote TI 2, don’t have 3. I quite like eclipse, but its not an ‘epic’ game in any sense, its a very refined and confined eurohybrid. I also quite like Battlefleet Mars but TI 2 has my vote.

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  • Charlie said:

    You guys are crazy. My group are huge TI3 fans and when I broke out Eclipse after it first released they were skeptical. Since then we haven’t set aside the day long session to play TI3 but have played Eclipse, many times. We have people that rarely show up for our weekly meetup but will arrive early if we get the word out that we’re playing Eclipse.

    TI3 is a good game, Eclipse is great. Its great strength is that it’s so damn easy to play while still packing a ton of depth. TI3 can feel complicated and overwraught if we haven’t played in a few months. Eclipse is easy to pick up and offers nearly as many interesting choices turn to turn.

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