Battle for Stalingrad (Tutorial)

Battle for Stalingrad

The Battle for Stalingrad lasted 200 days, from July 17, 1942 to February 2, 1943. Hitler himself had ordered the capture of the key Soviet city, and his armies were determined to carry out his orders. Opposing the German armies were the civilians and armed forces of Russia. In desperate house-to-house fighting the two sides fought, bleed, and froze in the chilling Russian winter.

The Battle For Stalingrad puts you in the rubble-strewn streets as the German forces fight through one block of the city after another. The only hope for both sides is to secure the city before they run out of blood and food.

As the game unfolds, you’ll see one section of the city after another ground into rubble by your ceaseless fighting. As the city deteriorates, the amount of supplies generated for your men decreases. Supplies are the lifeblood of your army. Without them, you cannot move or attack, and you’ll suffer higher casualties in combat.

In the end, you’ll be scrambling through the ruins, as much in search of food as the enemy.

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Conquistador (Video Review)



Play one of four European powers in a bid to make your riches in the New World. Originally published by SPI in Strategy & Tactics magazine #58, a new version with a mounted board was published by AH.

This a one to four player game. The green counters are the Spanish, yellow counters are the Portuguese, red counters are the English, and the blue counters are the French.









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Fighting Eagles (A Video Review)


Fighting Eagles uses a simple game system to simulate the air battles of 1918 fought between the American and German air forces. Based on Rohrbaugh’s Showtime Hanoi design, players will play head-to-head matches pitting several Allied aircraft vs. their German counterparts.

Allied player wins the game if their German target is destroyed and more German aircraft are destroyed than Allied. Any other result is a German win. If Red Baron (Fokker Dr1) is shot down or leaves the map the best the German can do is tie.

In addition the game will include two historical scenarios: Red Baron’s Last Flight and Frank Luke’s Last Flight and several variants including additional missions of bombing & balloon busting.

Players will need a standard deck of cards and one six-sided die (D6) to play the game.

Each copy of Fighting Eagles is composed of the following:

  • One set of 40 die cut counters
  • One 8.5 by 11 map with the Turn Record Track
  • A set of rules

~ High Flying Dice Games


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