Creekos the Card Game (Tutorial)


Creekos: The Card Game is a trick-taking card game with a customized deck that pits two partnerships against each other. The first part of the game is the auctions by which partners attempt to make their cards powerful at the start of the game by offering points. After the auction, they join the battle to win as many tricks as they can. The partners who at the end of the game have the most points win.

At the start of every game two auctions are held: for the number scale and for the trump colour.
In the auction for the number scales, the players place bids to activate the number scale they declare (the cards have 3 scales).
In the auction for the trump colour, the players place bids to designate the trump colour they wish.

Players play a card per trick. The most powerful card wins points.
When players play cards activates thunderbolts and block cards.

The partners who at the end of the game, have at least one point more than their opponents, after the deduction of the points they spent at the auction, win battles.
Winners are the partners with the most battles, after the end of the last played game.

Creekos is also played by 2 players.

Creekos uses customized cards of different categories which are related to each other. In the packet ‘Hercules’ Labours’ the categories are: Events, Gods, People, Creatures, Lifeless.

The cards of Creekos can also be used for educational purpose. Playing with the cards of Creekos is an easy and fun way to reinforce information you want the players to learn.

~ Emmanuel Economakis

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Gunship First Strike (Video Review)


Gunship: First Strike! is Escape Pod Games’ core release in a planned series of tactical space combat games. Players fight to win battles in a futuristic civil war with a variety of ship types. From the agile and speedy Fighters, to lethal Gunships and intimidating Capital Ships, every battle is a well-balanced slugfest that comes right down to the wire. Our new Trinity Mechanic uses boards, cards and dice together in an extremely innovative and easy-to-learn system that lets new players jump right in.

What makes the Gunship series unique are the numerous combinations of ships that the players “build” at the start of each battle. By choosing from an ever-growing selection (through expansions) of available Weapons and Upgrades, players are able to create a custom Gunship that is suited to their particular style of play or battle situation. Some guys are “defensive” minded; they’ll choose Heavy Armor, +1 Shield Generators and 4 Blaster Cannons to fend off the enemy Gunship. But another player might prefer to build a “Carrier Killer” complete with wings full of Bombs and an Autoblaster Cannon to shred his way through the enemy Fighter Squadron. While most of the Upgrade cards are geared toward the Gunships (the true star of the show) you can also do some great things to your Fighters and Capital Ships. New kinds of ships will come with every expansion to further add to the possibilities. No two battles are ever the same!

In Gunship: First Strike!, the civil war has just started. Your orders are simple: Command a task force of one Assault Carrier and its Gunship and Fighters on a mission to destroy the enemy’s Carrier. Guess what? He has the very same orders! Dogfights will ensue, Torpedoes will strike home and Thruster Bombs are going to pound the Capital Ships mercilessly. If your Gunship takes too much damage for comfort, or if the battle situation changes and you want a different weapon load, land inside your Carrier for a quick “pit stop”. Make sure that you defend it with all your might because once your Carrier is gone, the only option left to you is to flee the battlespace and hope to take revenge another day.

As the Gunship universe grows, players will be able to fight bigger and bigger battles. Soon the objectives will include breaking through the enemy picket line to drop troops on the planet below. The Gunships will be called upon to not only assault other ships, but also to go dirtside and give air support to the land battle raging below A free Campaign System is planned where players can keep track of a fleet of ships and territories. Lose your Carrier in today’s battle and you might lose a critical Outpost next week. Don’t let the enemy find the Shipyard where your damaged Destroyers limped home last time – if he does, they’re toast!

~ Escape Pod Games

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