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Off The Shelf Board Games – Descent 2nd Edition Video Review


Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews
Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is a board game in which one player takes on the role of the treacherous overlord, and up to four other players take on the roles of courageous heroes. During each game, the heroes embark on quests and venture into dangerous caves, ancient ruins, dark dungeons, and cursed forests to battle monsters, earn riches, and attempt to stop the overlord from carrying out his vile plot. Featuring double-sided modular board pieces, countless hero and skill combinations, and an …

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D&D Encounters: New Season Returns to Neverwinter!

Wizards of the Coast announces the next season of D&D Encounters – and a D&D first! Returning to the famed city of Neverwinter, the Storm Over Neverwinter season begins today and runs through June 5.
For the first time ever, D&D Encounters features higher level starting play! Players can begin this season at 4th level and use any official 4th Edition materials to create their character. Players also have the option to play through Storm Over Neverwinter as either a D&D 4th Edition adventure or as part of the D&D Next …

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Napoleon the Waterloo Campaign 4th Edition (KS Video Preview)

Napoleon is based on the game of the same name that was published by Columbia Games back in the early 1970’s. Napoleon was one of the very early ‘block’ wargames, so good at creating ‘fog-of-war’. The map features point-to-point movement. Each road has a limit to how many troops can pass over it in a given turn. This, combined with limited command control makes planning an essential ingredient of this game.
~ Columbia Games

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Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 3 – The Heart of Africa (Written Review)(2D6 Exclusive Content)

Players who usually find “Ticket to Ride” a little less challenging will find that this expansion sets a tone of the most thought-provoking, skilled-variant, and tension laden to date of the whole “Ticket to Ride” franchise, offering up a thrilling showstopper for the most picky of strategy players