Anzio the Fight for the Beachhead (Video Review)

Anzio the Fight for the Beachhead

Anzio: The Fight For The Beachhead is a solitaire or two-player mini-game that simulates at the division level the battle of Anzio. The goal of the Anzio-Nettuno amphibious landings and the resulting so-called battle of Anzio, January – May, 1944, was to outflank the German Winter Line and open the way to Rome. A major battle of World War Two, the initial landings were unopposed. Instead, the resulting fight developed to keep the beachhead.

Game Features

* Small Scale Microgame
* Only 24 Unit Counters
* Colorful Game Map 8 1/2 x 11
* Division-Level Tactical Play
* Detailed Rules Booklet
* Game Play Sheet
* Counter Sheet
* Solitaire Play Level: HIGH

~ White Dog Games

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