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American Civil War battle of the same name. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson against political general Nathaniel Banks as a prelude to Bull Run, August 9, 1862. A meeting engagement, Banks launches a spoiling attack against a superior CSA force and then has to conduct a fighting withdrawal to survive. The game uses the Great Battles of the American Civil War system. Victory is determined by capturing and holding geographical objectives and killing units.

Each Game-Turn represents 30 minutes of real time, and each hex covers about 125 yards from hex side to hex side. Each Strength Point is the equivalent of 100 men or 1 gun.

~ Strategy & Tactics magazine #86.







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  1. I enjoyed your review of the game and the discussion of the consolidation of the rules with regard to the various GBACW series and TSS. I’m working on a game of the Battle of Seven Pines / Fair Oaks based on the early system and I have *most* of the earlier games (TSS, BA, WC, CM).

    My goal is to do just what you’re suggesting: grab the best of them all and add some useful exclusive rules.

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  2. I haven’t tried any of the later games or the brigade-level games. I’ve checked out the AAR of the Brigade Series Seven Pines game. While brigades may be easier to work with, I like the idea of writing the stories of various actual units like the 7th Tennessee or 51st New York.

    Being able to maneuver at a granular level is pretty cool as well.

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