The Game Pit Episode 5: Treasure Hunt



Sean and Ronan climb out of the pit and search for gaming treasure but will they uncover a trap instead? In this episode we look over recent and upcoming releases and try and predict whether they will tickle our fancy or fall flat. What upcoming games will be still going strong in years to come and which will disappoint upon arrival?


Catch us here;


The Game Pit Episode 5: Treasure Hunt




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The Game Pit Episode 5: Treasure Hunt, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

2 thoughts on “The Game Pit Episode 5: Treasure Hunt”

  1. I mostly listen to podcasts with headphones on, so I have one simple request: please eliminate the left/right channel voices. It makes listening pretty difficult and annoying IMHO. If you want to leave a (very) small bias to left/right, that would be ok, but as it is now, it’s headache inducing. :)

    Glad to see your regular content updates. I’m still warming up to the podcast, but it could be a keeper.

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  2. Thanks Redeye, we think we have solved our sound issues now, so from episode 8 you should be able to hear us both through both ears.

    Hope the show continues to grow on you and happy to hear your thoughts and comments.


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