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The Game Pit: We’ll be back soon.

13 May 2013 3 Comments

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Apologies to all for our recent gap between shows. This is due to an injury to Ronan (he’s on the mend now) but we’ll be back very soon with an episode on all things Kickstarter.

The Game Pit is a podcast about board games, card games and tabletop gaming. Each fortnight we talk about the games we love, hate and just the meh too. In Picking Over the Bones we discuss games we have played recently. In The Vault we allow one game to enter the hallowed Vault, only the best of the best will gain entry. In Treasure Hunt we talk about upcoming games that have us excited. Pit Fight is where similar games duke it out and we discuss their various merits.
The Game Pit
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  • pacemaker said:

    Get well Soon.

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  • Kevin Wenzel said:

    Yes, I agree I was saddened to hear Ronan broke his leg. Make sure he does what he has too to heal properly!

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  • The Game Pit (author) said:

    Thanks to both of you.
    Ronan is fine now and only limps when he remembers to.
    All the best.

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