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Time ‘N’ Space 

Preorders open Sunday, June 30 at Noon Eastern time!

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Sunday, June 30, 2013
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Time ‘N’ Space

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Time and Space

Time ‘N’ Space is truly a unique game experience!It is an exactly 30-minute timed game,where each player also uses 2 one-minute sandtimers to take their actions!

Time ‘N’ Space


Here, where space is endless and time is precious, you face the challenges of a true space commander. From the bustling hub that is your control center, you coordinate your planet’s production, transport, and demand, and travel to other planets to fulfill orders.


Time ‘N’ Space is a real-time, action-selection, production management, pickup-and-deliver game for 3-4 players, which plays in exactly 30 minutes. In that time, you must produce goods and manage as many deliveries as possible to fulfill the demands on planets, while the other players are trying to do the same thing.


However, the most unique aspect of Time ‘N’ Space is the action-selection mechanic, whereby each of your actions requires the flip of a one-minute sand timer. Each player has only two of these timers available, so you’ll need to keep a cool head and your communication channels wide open to arrange for the most opportune deals with each of the other players!

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Time 'N' Space - components
Time ‘N’ Space: setup for 3 players.
NOTE: the game has a ROUND game board that is TWO-SIDED!
Time ‘N’ Space is played in exactly 30 minutes. A 12-minute introductory game is also included.  Soundtracks for both the 30-minute and 12-minute game are available for free download on the Stronghold Games website!


AND… The FREE Stronghold Games Timer app, available in the Apple Store for iOS or in the Google Store for Android, supports Time ‘N’ Space. The Stronghold Games Timer app will play the 30 minute (or 12 minute) soundtrack and/or can be used by a single player to run the 2 one-minute action timers for the game.


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Of course the best reason to pre-order… The Stronghold Guarantee of 30% off retail and you get your game shipped to you before anyone else.

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Napoleon at Waterloo Review


The Battle of Waterloo is perhaps the best known battle in history. The time is 18 June 1815. The Duke of Wellington’s armies are drawn to defend the road to Brussels. Napoleon’s superior French forces begin their assault. Can the British thin red line hold until the Prussian army arrives to fall upon Napoleon’s flanks?

A simple introductory wargame.

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Fallen Preview


Fallen (check out their Kickstarter) is a card and dice game in which two players battle deep within a dungeon. One player takes on the role of the Hero, exploring the twisting halls and deadly chambers of the labyrinth. Another player takes on the role of the Dungeon Lord, summon terrifying creatures and wielding dark magics.

The adventure is brought to life through an array of cards and dice. As they explore the dungeon, Story Cards describe the rooms and challenges the Hero will face. When a battle erupts or a trap is sprung, Challenge Dice are rolled to see who is victorious.

The adventure culminates in epic battle between the Hero and the Dungeon Lord with only one player left standing.


– Story-driven Adventure System
– Play as one of three legendary Heroes OR play as one of three sinister Dungeon Lords
– Immersive game play
– Customizable Heroes
– A full dungeon experience in 90 minutes

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Critical Preview – Give it to the King

Give it to the king

Give It to the King! is a game for 2-4 players where you will become a Royal Messenger racing against the other players, as you try to be the first to deliver messages to the King at the end of a long hallway. When it’s your turn, you can move any player’s messenger. So long as you do not move yourself, you can maintain control of the die and the board. But as you press on, chances are you will run into trouble and have to pass the die. Will you use the power of the message you carry to keep going, or should you use it to stop someone else from reaching the King before you? Delivering messages unused pays you the most gold, so it will always be a tough decision either way. If you are ready to become the Captain of the Messengers and win the most gold, then grab a scroll and get going!

Game Box Contents

  • 1 Four Piece Corridor Board
  • 20 Message Tiles
  • 1 Captain Marker Token
  • 1 Solid Resin King Figurine
  • 4 Solid Resin Messenger Figurines
  • 4 Messenger Portrait Tiles
  • 1 Six-Sided die.
  • 20 One Gold Coin Tokens
  • 7 Five Gold Coin Tokens
  • 4 Ten Gold Coin Tokens

~ The Flux Capacity

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Nile Deluxor (Video Review)


Nile DeLuxor is a reprint of the card game Nile that includes a new expansion in the box. The expansion adds several new cards including two new crop types, monuments, and turn counter cards. The number of players is also expanded to allow for as many as 6.

Nile DeLuxor is available as a published version and a print and play edition through Minion games. The published version is a complete game that includes original Nile and the expansion.

~Minion Game

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