Afrika (second edition) (Video Review)


Standard Combat Series game covering the campaign in North Africa from 1940 until 1942. This is the second edition of the Charles S. Roberts Best World War II game of 1993. Afrika – 2nd Edition is a fast-paced game of mobile warfare at the operational level. The heart of the game is the supply system, which highlights the logistical aspect of desert warfare.

The game contains one 22*34″ mapsheet, one 22*17″ mapsheet and 280 counters. It has two campaign scenarios and five short scenarios.

Afrika II is an updated version of Afrika (first edition) published by Multi-Man Publishing. The 2006 MMP 2nd Edition is the 11th game in the Standard Combat Series.

The game covers the campaign in North Africa from 1940-1942, beginning with the Italian invasion of Egypt.

Afrika II is more in line with “standard” SCS series rules. Many of the OCS-lite features which worked their way into the game as Dean was working on Guderian’s Blitzkrieg and the debut of the OCS series have been eliminated.

~ Multi-Man Publishing

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  1. Good thorough review. I liked that he separated talking about the Standard Edition rules and the AFRICA 2 specifics. This is easy to say but the only thing I would prefer would be a two-player rather than solitaire play-thru to refer to. But I know how it can be. I have Africa I and never played it despite reading the rules three times because I just couldn’t bring myself to a solitaire game.

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