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Fallen (check out their Kickstarter) is a card and dice game in which two players battle deep within a dungeon. One player takes on the role of the Hero, exploring the twisting halls and deadly chambers of the labyrinth. Another player takes on the role of the Dungeon Lord, summon terrifying creatures and wielding dark magics.

The adventure is brought to life through an array of cards and dice. As they explore the dungeon, Story Cards describe the rooms and challenges the Hero will face. When a battle erupts or a trap is sprung, Challenge Dice are rolled to see who is victorious.

The adventure culminates in epic battle between the Hero and the Dungeon Lord with only one player left standing.


– Story-driven Adventure System
– Play as one of three legendary Heroes OR play as one of three sinister Dungeon Lords
– Immersive game play
– Customizable Heroes
– A full dungeon experience in 90 minutes

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Fallen Preview, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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