Burning Suns (Video Review)

Burning Suns


Burning Suns is a medium to heavy 4X strategy space game in which 2-5 players compete in an epic struggle to create the greatest empire in the galaxy. The game plays in 40min/player. In your attempt to build an empire you’ll have to be cunning, strategic and willing to face both great risks and difficult decisions… only one empire will be able to rule the galaxy!

Galaxy in motion > You can create a huge amount of galaxies and they’ll develop throughout an entire game. Due to Galactic Events new worlds will appear, others die, some will rebel, aliens and artifacts get uncovered. Build a galaxy by using layouts from the rule book or by using your own design. Symbols will make it easy to create a fair yet unknown galaxy to compete in.

Create an Empire > Empires consist of 3 elements; an Ideology, Race and Structure. No less than 216 possible empires, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also choose empire cards, making your empire even more unique.

Immediate actions > The order in which actions are executed will change every turn. All actions in Burning Suns are carried out immediately and players are therefore involved throughout the game – continuously having to improve their strategies.

Your empire, your strategy > In Burning Suns there are many ways to victory. Depending upon your empire, how you use abilities, leaders and agents, whether you choose to ally or conquer worlds and how you choose to engage your opponents with the many various units.
Game play > Burning Suns is fairly intuitive. The rhythm and play sequences can be taught in 20 minutes, though the sheer amount of details will keep people in the learning curve for 2-3 games… and after this, there will still be plenty of strategies and combinations to explore for many more games to come!

Burning Suns consist of 8 phases > 1) Collect income. 2) Refill Communitation sheet. 3) Replace Action Sheets. 4) Pull a Galactic Event Card. 5) Place leaders on actions. 6) Execute actions. 7) Conclude the Galactic Event Card. 8) Pass on the starter token.

Taking actions > Place leaders to conduct actions. Leader abilities might affect the success rate. You have a total of 12 actions (max 3 per turn), some of them even have different targets, your choices are many!

Technology / Development > There are many upgrades/buildings you’ll be able to utilize, upgrading your ships’ weapons and abilities. On some titan constructions you’ll even be able to place cities or planetary defenses. Empires have different upgrade slots and unit stats.

Conflict > Compete with empires through units of war, abilities, explorations, agents and leaders. Empire combinations will focus on different aspects like war, peace, reactionary combat, unity, sabotage, rebellion, fear, retaliation.

Politics / Negotiation > How will you conquer and exploit systems? leaving them exposed to rebellion? Events will happen that demands a vote – Use planets and agents under your control, and maybe other empires?

Luck > Combat/mission involves die rolling (mitigated by upgrades), Galactic Event (mitigated by preperation), Draw of exploration/agent (mitigated by abilities and powers).

Winning > You win when your empire reaches a critical level of Antimatter! Antimatter is gained through a variety of actions (e.g. Combat, using explorations, colonizing and conduction missions).

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