The Game Pit: Episode 14.2 – Essen Spiel 2013 Special

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The Essen treasure hunt continues as Sean and Ronan look at six more games that have caught their eye in the run up to the 2013 Spiel.

The games discussed this week are Hollywood, Francis Drake, Vikings: Warriors of the North, Palmyra, Rampage and Theseus: The Dark Orbit. Which will be treasures and which will be traps?



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The Game Pit is a podcast about board games, card games and tabletop gaming. Each fortnight we talk about the games we love, hate and just the meh too. In Picking Over the Bones we discuss games we have played recently. In The Vault we allow one game to enter the hallowed Vault, only the best of the best will gain entry. In Treasure Hunt we talk about upcoming games that have us excited. Pit Fight is where similar games duke it out and we discuss their various merits.

Readers Comments (3)

  1. This is becomming my favorite board gaming show (and I listen to a lot of them). You guys just have great discussions going, and I love getting some info on what is coming in essen (you could even make a 14.3 episode :O)

    I started with the top20 of 2012 episode and it was just awesome. It is a bit hard to explain, but I just really like listening to you guys. Sorry I cannot be more concrete, but keep up the good work :) we are listening.

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  2. Thank you Christian. We are really happy to hear that you are enjoying the show so much. Episode 14.3 should be out very soon and we might even squeeze out an Episode 14.4 before we head off to Essen.

    Great to hear from you,

    Sean & Ronan

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  3. Hey guys! Love the podcast and the variety of different shows and topic you do. For these tricks and treasureeepisodes, do you have any plans on doing a follow up episode going over any of the games from these or previous trick or treasures that you end up playing? It would be interesting to find out if you were correct in your predictions and thoughts of the game.
    Thanks and keep of the great work!!

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