Crusoe’s Planet



A semi-cooperative socio-economic simulation/sandbox, set under a veneer of a crashed spaceship crew trying to survive on a new planet.

You’re stranded on a planet. Your goal is to survive. The game is designed for the lighthearted exploration of market and command economies and the advantages and drawbacks of specialization, cooperation and competition.
In this game there are many economic systems to try out.











Philosophical Ramblings based on CP



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2 thoughts on “Crusoe’s Planet”

  1. Fantastic review. Your reviews are absolutely a blast to watch. You immerge me in a game that I would have probably no interest in but end up wanting to buy and play. You project so much of what you are that the games you review become a part of yourself, or is it the other way around ?

    More of you please !

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  2. There’s quite a lot in the archives of the site. If you’re more interested
    in non-wargames, I’d suggest searching under keywords economic and
    political. Eurogame will catch some too. I also tend to categorize games
    by their temporal era, so tags including the word Century will be helpful
    for historical stuff. medieval, ancient, fantasy, and SF will also help.

    I don’t think there’s an easy way of using WP’s search to find by
    author though. A google search will work though: calandale

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