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Dragon Pass Review

24 April 2014 3 Comments



Dragon Pass is a remake of White Bear & Red Moon, the first published game from the Glorantha Universe used in the Runequest RPG.
The systems designed for this game are unique in wargaming, as far as I know. In addition, it has a rich and varied set of units, adding greatly to the overall flavor of the game. Of course, this means many special rules.










The DARs are provided with the rules necessary to play each scenario – consider it a programmed instruction form of viewing the rules.


Stemming the Tide


Argrath’s Return




Hearts & Minds


Dousing the Flames:


Full Game:


Recovering hobo, one-time actor and street corner philosopher, now trying to enjoy the less fine things in life (like everyone else does). One thing has been nearly constant in my life - gaming. Even before discovering wargames (at the tender age of 10 or so - purely fortuitous), I would play out family games (including the 3M series) solitaire. But, life situations interfered not too long ago, and I was largely without board gaming for the better part of a decade. The last couple of years have seen me devoting myself to the hobby again - and learning a lot of the newer designs - so, I'm looking from the eyes of an old grognard (ah, how I fought against THAT term when first used on me) but an open mind and willingness to see if newer games appeal.
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  • Ray Smith said:

    Thanks so much for highlighting one of my all time favorite games. I too was enraptured by the Glorantha mythos of White Bear and Red Moon before upgrading to Dragon Pass. Either have more theme and immersion than any three other games combined. Which is its strength and weakness.

    The imposing number of all the magnificent characters, all with unique abilities, forced me to create a crude description card for each one just to keep track. Greatly facilitates play. (Hopefully someone with more skills than I could create a “professional” ArtsCow deck some day.)

    Also, in this day and age of wondrous fantasy artwork of varying classical styles, I really love the “cave art” motif of all the counters, which amazingly conveys each character on a small format.

    Finally, for those looking for more fantastic gaming goodness from Glorantha, check out the equally magnificent Nomad Gods, if you can find a copy.

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  • Kevin Wenzel said:

    Ray I like the old fiddly games that this looks like one of, and kind of hate the over simplifications that modern games are kind of going. I might have to take a look at this one.

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  • enrico cs Viglino (author) said:

    I’ve had my eyes out for Nomad Gods for a while.
    I buy cheap though, and haven’t seen one I was willing
    to pay for. Got lucky with this.

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