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[2 Mar 2015 | 3 Comments | ]
Shadows Of Malice – A Written Review

A fantasy adventure in the spirit of Mage Knight that throws out the complexity in favor for an old-school D&D feel that’s centered on discovery and the generation of diverse narrative.

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[28 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
OTSBGR – XCOM: The Board Game

Placed in command of the elite military organization known as XCOM, you and your friends must find some means to turn back an escalating alien invasion. As UFOs appear in orbit and worldwide panic threatens to undermine national governments, the game’s free companion app and its push-your-luck dice rolling mechanics immerse you deep in the tension and uncertainty of a desperate war against an unknown foe.
You are humanity’s last hope…



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[26 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
The Game Pit: Episode 41 – Picking Over the Bones

Sean and Ronan discuss and review four more games in this episode. Featuring are 8 Minute Empire, Hoyuk, Titans Tactics and Omen: A Reign of War.

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[25 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
Happy Dungeon Master Appreciation Month from Wizards of the Coast!

February is Dungeon Master Appreciation Month and to celebrate Wizards of the Coast has released the Dungeon Masters Support Group video series! In this three-part series, DMs can find the innovation, inspiration, and flexibility they need to get their games back under control.

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[18 Feb 2015 | One Comment | ]
Homeland The Game – A Written Review

Gale Force Nine hits us with another astounding release out of the dark. This design team needs to be recognized as they’re doing some of the most interesting and innovative work in the hobby.

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[16 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
The Game Pit: Episode 40 – Council Chamber Mega Review of 2014 with Top 5s

 Sean and Ronan take a look back at the best and worst of 2014 in our longest episode yet. Featuring Biggest Disappointment, Best Expansion, Top 5 2014 Games and more…
Joining us with their thoughts are our fantastic contributors Chris, Teri, Paul and Nathan.

Also featuring our Competition to win a brand new copy of Hoyuk from MAGE Company.



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[12 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
OTSBGR – Samurai Spirit

“You and your small Samurai crew are the only obstacles between a frightened village and a horde of bloodthirsty brigands!
The confrontation seems very uneven while you are standing in front of dozens of enemies ready to cut you to pieces, but that is without counting on your combat skills and the strong solidarity keeping your group united in adversity.
Above all, and when the cause will seem hopeless, your enemies will discover the beast inside you: a fearsome warrior ready to unleash his true strength!”
Learn More Over At Fun Forge!
How To …

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[8 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
The Mushroom Eaters – A Written Review

The Mushroom Eaters is over the top, certifiably insane. Players follow a shaman on an extended trip experiencing nature, enlightenment, and horror. It’s the only game you’ll find that ships with 3D glasses.

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[7 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
Cthulhu Wars – OTSBGR

“Cthulhu Still Lives…” H.P. Lovecraft
The Old Ones have risen. Monsters walk the Earth.  Humanity is finished but the struggle continues.  Which Great Old One will rule the ruins of Earth?  Now, you take charge!
Cthulhu Wars is a fast-moving strategy game about the end of the world.  You take part of various monstrous aliens seeking to dominate the world.  You can play as Great Cthulhu himself, or you can take charge of the other factions, such as the slither hordes of the Crawling Chaos, or the insane minions of the Yellow …

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[2 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
SafeBreaker – A Written Review

I like Martin Scorcese, James S.A. Corey, and Jack White. Gritty realism and harsh dissonance in my entertainment get me going. I like my comedy dry and witty, favoring Flight of the Conchords or even Bo Burnham. If you would have approached me a year ago and said, “Hey, you need to check out this game about anthropomorphic Teddy Bears breaking into safes” I would have responded with a Britney Spears X Factor eye roll.