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The Game Pit: Episode 54 – Essen 2015 – The Good, The Bad and The Surprising

Game Pit Logo - December 2013 (Y&G Dice)After working their way through the Essen Spiel halls and the playing as many of the Essen 2015 releases as they could get their dirty mitts on, Ronan and Sean come to a decision on what the feel was the best and worst of this years Spiel.
In the episode each of the boys choose their Top 3, Biggest Disappointment and Biggest Surprise.
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Raid & Trade: War on the Streets – Live on Kickstarter!

Raid & Trade War on the streets

Raid & Trade expands its legacy and return with the first expansion “War on the Streets”. This time, far from the Golden City comes a new breed of survivors. Forged in the most desolate conditions these opportunistic individuals prowl the ruins watching for people – to either join or exploit. Skilled nomads, these ‘Hitchhikers’ can twist any situation to their advantage. 
Raid & Trade War on the streets minis
1. Expanding the basic game: Part of the Rats Gang and new tiles are added to the basic game, extending it, making it more difficult to reach your victory condition. The combat element of the game has increased thanks to new enemies you will have to fight sent from the other players.
2. New Scenarios: Introduce a co-operative mode. Depending on the number of the players you will use specific miniatures all over the city giving players new objectives such as protecting the Black Market or killing the Commander but this time all players must work together to achieve victory!
3. Hitchhikers: Four new characters with upgraded skills will prove to be very important to the game’s missions, the Hitchhikers.
4. Suburb Tiles: 9 new tiles will be implemented. This time the survivors explore the suburb around the city with new features and surprises. The new tiles include new elements such as toxic waste areas, guarded areas, and underground tunnels that grant instant movement to any part of the city you need to go.
Head on over to the campaign On Kickstarter (Click Here) to learn more!
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Mystigo Games – Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews


Mystigo Games 4 pack of games coming soon to Kickstarter. Check out 4 different card games ranging from light family fair to deep strategic games that will keep the interest of Euro-gamers.

These 4 games will be available as an all in one package or individually when the Kickstarter launches sometime in October or November.
The Gallerist: Bid against other players to acquire the best collection of the most expensive art available in the world.
60 Dwarves: The race is on to hire dwarves and send them into the treacherous mine for valuable gems.
Trust me!: A classic European bluffing game made more colorful and crazy with new mechanics and specialty cards added into the mix.
Dr. Blenders Lab: A race to reassemble all the body parts in Dr Blenders mixed up lab, a fun family game for younger games.





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Ding & Dent Podcast Episode 3 – Jamey Stegmaier Talks Playtesting

distantplainratty (1)


Episode 3 of the Ding & Dent Podcast.

In this episode, Raf talks some accessible wargames, Charlie plays Two Rooms & a Boom, they both talk about playtesting board games and Jamey Stegmaier stops by for an interview!

Games discussed: Blood Rage, Spaceteam, Fire in the Lake, Two Rooms & a Boom, Churchill, X-Wing Miniatures Game, Viticulture, Scythe






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The Game Pit: Episode 53 – Essen 2015 Field Report 2

Game Pit Logo - December 2013 (Y&G Dice)Ronan has flown into Essen and the two boys have worked their way round the Spiel halls on the Friday (supervised by Natalie) in order to play, demo and buy a host of games.

Listen as they discuss the merits of all played and lament the amount of games purchased by both despite plans made to avoid such an occurrence.



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