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D&D Kicks Off Tyranny of Dragons

D&D LogoD&D Tyranny of Dragons LogoThe biggest and most exciting year for Dungeons & Dragons hits a pivotal moment today as the Tyranny of Dragons storyline kicks-off. This rich new narrative challenges players around the world to rise up against hoards of evil dragons, including Tiamat, the most fearsome dragon in D&D’s history! With a full suite of entertainment offerings already starting to roll-out, and many more exciting launches slated for later this year, Tyranny of Dragons offers action-packed play experiences for digital and tabletop RPG players alike.

The Rise of Tiamat - Cover ArtStarter Set - Cover Art

The new Tyranny of Dragons module for the highly-acclaimed free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG, Neverwinter, is available today.  Developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entrainment, the new module will showcase a new character class, the Scourge Warlock, and a new race, Dragonborn.

Players Handbook - Cover ArtFor players eager to sink their teeth into the Tyranny of Dragons storyline around the gaming table, two new tabletop adventures will also release this year, Hoard of the Dragon Queen on August 19 and The Rise of Tiamat on October 21.  In addition, a new line of D&D miniatures from Wiz Kids will be available soon for fans to enhance their Tyranny of Dragons adventures.

Monster Manuel - Cover Art

With these releases, comes the highly-anticipated new rules for the tabletop roleplaying game, following a two year public playtest that help set the foundation for the future of the franchise. Currently available at select hobby game stores and releasing in wide distribution on August 19, the Player’s Handbook is the first of three “core” rulebooks to be released alongside the Tyranny of Dragons storyline and contains everything players need to create heroic characters. The Player’s Handbook release will be followed by the Monster Manual (September 30) and the Dungeon Master’s Guide (November 18).

Dungeon Master Guide - Cover ArtTo start your adventures in the Tyranny of Dragons story, visit Also, be sure to follow D&D on Facebook and Twitter.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Cover Art

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D&D Starter Set Available Today AND Wizards Of The Coast Interview Where YOU Can Get Involved


It’s been a long time since we have done this but this seems like a GREAT time to offer another Interview where YOU can ask your questions!

As you may know (if not see the 2 press releases below) the Great-Grandfather of all RPG’s is about to release its 5th edition on to the public. It’s no secret that I am an old school RPG’er (how old school? I have the original Red Box.. not that one… the ORIGINAL from the late 70’s). So it should come as no surprise that I have been keeping my eyes out for any information about 5th Edition.

Like most I played 4th Edition and while I know what Wizards was going for (and I don’t blame them for trying) it inevitably just didn’t work for me. So when the news that 5th edition was being worked on started to circulate I was cautiously getting my hopes up!

The Wait Is Finally Over!

The 5th edition is coming this year with the Players Handbook scheduled to release 8/19/2014, Dungeon Masters Guide coming 11/18/2014, and finally the Monster Manuel scheduled to follow quickly after!

You don’t have to wait though, Wizards of the Coast has released the D&D Starter Set, it’s available now, and retails for just shy of $20

D&D Starter Set - Cover

In anticipation of this release I have an opportunity to interview Wizards of the Coast AND THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!

Submit YOUR questions here or send me a direct email and I will do my best to get YOUR questions answered! I’ll gather up the best questions, conduct an interview, and then post it right here on! Hurry up though time is limited and I have my own burning questions about the rebirth of what to me was the start of my fascination with RPG’s!

D&D Starter Set - Product (2)


The first official product for the highly-anticipated fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplaying game is now available! Wizards of the Coast today announced the retail launch of the D&D Starter Set.  

Containing everything players need to begin their adventure, the Starter Set is the first of many product offerings that will be rolling-out this year and is intended to help fans become acquainted with the new rules before the Tyranny of Dragons storyline begins on August 14th. For a closer look at the Starter Set you can watch a video unboxing here.



Icons of the Realms Starter Set Miniatures Available Now!
WizKids Games, the industry leader in quality pre-painted plastic miniatures, announces that the inaugural set of Icons of the Realms based on the iconic Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game from Wizards of the Coast, arrived in stores starting July 16th!
icons of the realms
Stay tuned to for more. Until then I have some old school D&D miniatures that need painting. It looks better when the beholder zaps you while it is in full color!
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Deniable by Storyweaver Games (RPG Review)


Developed by Storyweaver Games Deniable is a great RPG setting.  It takes place in England and the player characters are all ordinary people a school teacher, a bar tender, a bus driver.  Normal, average, and completely flawed with vices and hobbies you will have a great time bringing this person to life.  Each player character is approached by a member of a spy organization that has them do something that brings you out of your comfort zone and will more than likely be completely hilarious.

Deniable is available for beta now, so grab this free rule book while you can!


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The Gentleman Gamer: Dead of Night RPG Review

Dead of the Night

Dead of Night is a roleplaying game of campfire tales, slasher movies and b-movie horror. It is a game of tales told to scare the bejeezus out of your friends when sleeping out under the clear night sky; of tales of beasts and monsters and murderous psychopaths; of tales that might just turn out to be true.

In Dead of Night players take on the roles of characters within a horror movie – the screaming victims, the fearless monster hunters and sometimes even the slavering monsters themselves. They play the characters about to be thrust into whatever peril the games master has planned. Whilst the players play out their roles within the horror movie, the games master has no single role to play – instead he sets up the story, describes the locations, plays the rest of the cast and controls the monster.

Dead of Night is all about the monsters – the werewolves, the ghosts and the ghouls. It is meant to scare the players, to make them jump at their own shadows and the clatter of the dice. It is meant to unsettle and disturb, to make them think twice before turning off the lights. It is meant to be light hearted at times, when the horror movie clichés flow thicker than the blood. Above all, it is meant to be fun!

Dead of Night is designed to be quick and easy to play, with rules that help you tell horror stories without getting in the way of the fun. The rules are simple and straightforward to learn, yet offer a variety of options and depth to allow you to customise the game however you like.

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Warrior Heroes Legends Review


Warrior Heroes Legends is a set of rules for fantasy wargaming. The game can be played with any miniatures the player already owns. The system emphasizes group cohesion, leadership, and interactivity. The traditional turn sequence (move, attack, resolve attacks) is often interrupted by mini-sequences involving quick reactions from the miniatures in play, including those of the non-active player. This ensures that all players are involved in the action at all times.

Warrior Heroes Legends can be played competitively, cooperatively, or solitaire, and includes a detailed campaign system.

From the publisher’s website:


And in Warrior Heroes – Legends here’s your chance to become one. You start life as an independent sell sword or perhaps an inexperienced caster of magic. But whichever you choose there’s nothing special about you as you start your story. But as the saying goes…


In Warrior Heroes – Legends the goal is simple. Gain Fame through your exploits and Fortune through your deeds. Start as a Warrior but finish as a King? It can happen and it’s all up to you. But before you can be King let’s start a little smaller. Like leading a small band of adventurers.

Warrior Heroes – Legends includes:
Multiple character classes and races.
Over sixty Signatures and Skills to personalize your character.
An easy to use Economics System with little book keeping.
Quick and easy Magic rules.
Complete environment to adventure in.
A variety of scenarios and a how to for making more.

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