What is 2D6.org?:

Founded in November 2009 as a board gaming site dedicated to providing gamers with a source of high quality written and video-based board games reviews. Things have changed a little since then. We have grown as a collective of some of the best independent gaming reviewers out there. We pride ourselves on thoughtful discussion of the gaming community, and encourage others to join us through the love of the craft. We also care about the industry and want to provide coverage of what the new and exciting game that is coming around the corner. Come join our discovery and support independent critical thought on the games we love.

 What does 2D6 stand for?:

Often affiliated with role playing games, the term “2D6” is dice notation for two six-sided dice. Being that many designer board games incorporate a 2D6 mechanic, the site name and URL were selected as our way of paying homage.

How often does 2D6 release new content?:
Often! Very often! More often than you think! We publish at least 2-3 new reviews, news, and articles everyday. Keeping up with the games that are the buzz of the moment and occasionally going back to discuss old and recent classics.

What do 2D6.org reviews consist of?:
Our reviews don’t have standard format set in stone, because we are a collective of independent reviewers.

But in one form or another they will include considerations on all or most of the following categories:

Craftsmanship – The quality of the components, story (if applicable), and overall presentation.

Accessibility – Ease to learn / set up. Whether the theme or game type could be a deterrent.

Time duration Gameplay – Player interaction / strategy involved.

Replayability – The replay value. How much table time the game could see.

Final Verdict – Whether or not the game is worth buying.

What’s the point of 2D6 tutorials?:
When we started doing video board game reviews, one of the first things that we noticed was that most videos that claimed to be reviews, tended to be tutorials in disguise. More over, these “reviews” didn’t seem to convey the basic information needed to jump start the learning process in a relatively short amount of time. That being said, on top of providing our own brand of video reviews, we also produce concise board game audio / video tutorials that focus on providing the bare essentials necessary for bringing a new player up to speed. Moving forward, our hope is that 2D6 tutorials will not only prove to be a source for teaching your chums how to play your favorite game in under 5 minutes, but also help supplement a basic understanding of the play incorporated in the games that we review.

How do I go about suggesting a game for 2D6 to review?:
Hop over to the feedback forum and let us know! If you’re a publisher looking to acquire some PR or a designer seeking feedback, email us and let us know that you’re interested in sending us a copy of your game. If one or all of us enjoy playing the game in question, we’ll most likely shoot a review of it.